This dog can smile on command and the internet is going crazy

Let’s face it, dogs are definitely taking over social media, and if you’re like me you’re sucking in every moment of it. It’s entirely possible that dogs are taking over social media the the greatest thing this world has offered in one long Time. Lately, one dog in particular has been making hearts explode around the world.

Her name is Ellie and she can smile on command!

Golden Retriever, Ellie, or as some of you may know her on Instagram, @elliegoldenlife, is super comfortable in front of the camera. She is a super happy girl. So happy that she knows how to smile on command for pictures. She has a little sister named Emma, ​​but Emma doesn’t have one quite mastered this ability only still.

So many people have posted comments on their pics saying how good these two puppies are, but most People are praising Ellie’s amazing smile and willingness to be in so many photos. All these reasons are just a little to be in love with Golden Retrievers as if so many people weren’t already in love with them.

This smiling dog makes us want to learn more about Golden Retrievers

If golden retrievers are on your list of potential dog breeds to adopt, take a look at these reasons why They would make such good puppies and human companions:

  • They are loyal to their family members
  • Golden retrievers are good with children and other animals (pets)
  • They are easy to train – always super keen to please them
  • They are very active, so they can withstand long gaming sessions
  • Goldens love to “bond” with their people (and children).
  • You have a loving and loving personality
  • You are super relaxed
  • Of course, apart from their shedding, no extensive care or maintenance is required
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Ellie, like many other dogs, can do certain things on command that are just as darn cute as ever. If you want to know more about what Ellie and her little sister Emma can do in front of the camera, check out their Instagram profile right here and start interacting with them!

That’s a wrap on Ellie and her smile on command herself! Check out more of Ellie’s adventures!

Do you like what you’ve seen with Ellie and Emma so far? What other Instagram dogs are as cute as Ellie and her little sister? Let’s talk about that and more below! Woof woof!