This error loads your device with adware and trackers!


March 12, 2023 | 5:12 p.m

Developers often embed adware or tracking software into programs that can slow down your computer. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Your computer is sluggish, but you’re not even doing much. Here are five processes you can kill right away for a faster, smoother experience. you can thank me later

Sometimes you need to go further to speed up your PC, especially if it’s older. These tricks take about 60 seconds each.

Following these steps will clean up quite a bit of junk, but what about installing new games, apps, or other software?

Developers have a sneaky way of tricking you into installing extra stuff you don’t need but making them money. They will disclose this in the program’s terms and conditions, but no one reads it. I’ll show you how to catch them in the act.

Tricks to make money with you

Developers often include additional software or files in their applications or software installation packages. Some of these extras are:

Adware: This software displays unwanted advertisements on your device, usually pop-ups or banners. Toolbars: Toolbars are browser add-ons that often come bundled with the software. They usually add additional functionality or shortcuts to the browser, but they can also slow down the browser or collect your data. Browser extensions: These are like toolbars but more integrated with the browser and can provide additional functionality A trial version of another software program in the hopes that you will eventually purchase the full version Software: Some software may include tracking software that collects data about your behavior , such as B. Browsing history, search queries or other personal information.

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When installing software, you may be presented with various installation options such as: B. Express, Recommended and Custom installation. The latter can be called advanced installation for advanced users.

Don’t take the freeway

Since many people don’t consider themselves “advanced” users, they choose the basic or recommended option. Makes sense. Let the program do all the work, right?

Not so fast. Express installations often include some or all of the items listed above.

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Some programs change your default settings, your browser, your homepage or your search engine. You don’t have the option to say “no thanks” in the express or standard installation.

Finally, express installs can sign you up for data collection, sync your contacts, or involve some other invasion of privacy. whoops While you can change these settings later, it’s better to opt-out during the installation phase.

Do this for the next software installation

Always choose the custom or advance option. Aside from choosing a destination folder or drive, you may have the option to uncheck boxes for optional software and settings that you don’t want or need.

Kim Commando

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Read everything carefully and tick the boxes where necessary. Don’t worry about messing anything up – the installer includes the necessary files to run the program no matter what you choose. It just won’t have the extras you don’t need or want.

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Do you have a greater need for speed? Here’s a tip for cleaning up your PC or Mac.

Look for portable apps

For smaller, simpler apps, you may have the option to download a portable version. This type of app does not use an installer. All the files required to run the portable app are in a single folder that you can place anywhere on your system.

Instead of installing a portable app, you typically download it as a ZIP file, extract it to a folder, and run the app executable. They are generally safe to download if you trust the source.

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