This hidden iPad calculator hack is a math lifesaver

Have you ever noticed that your iPad doesn’t have a dedicated calculator app? Maybe you’re so math adept that you’ve never needed it (in which case, all the genius is pointing at you), or maybe it’s a glaring gap in your life. Either way, a calculator always comes in handy, just in case of a number-based emergency. To save you from having to download a non-Apple app, it’s handy to know that iPads do indeed have hidden features to fill the gap left by the lack of an app.

Apparently the app was left out because the development team hasn’t figured out a way to make the calculator special enough to rise above the standard iPhone calculator app – but there’s a chance they could update the iOS with something mind-blowing every point, so watch this space. In the meantime, if you need some help with numbers, there’s a built-in calculator function ready to use. How to use it (Want a real calculator app? Try the best iPad alternatives).