This hidden trick makes your Android phone easier to use

When it comes to controlling your Android phone, gestures are always paramount. Operate your operating system and get more done with these simple commands.

Our favorite Android tips and tricks all have a lot in common. We love simple gestures that allow us to make quick decisions or move from one app or utility to another in record time.

Read on for five of our favorite gestures you can use on any updated Android smartphone. NOTE: Some of these steps only work on Android 10 and later.

1. Swipe in both directions

Android’s back gesture is usually performed from left to right. Power users know that you can also swipe from right to left.

This parallel makes it one of the most accessible swipes we know. Both ways lead to literally the same command. Perfect for the southpaws among us or just anyone hoping to wipe and forget.

2. Swipe to overview

With the overview, you can check all recently used apps at the same time with a simple gesture. From here, you can jump between them with incredible ease.

To activate the overview, swipe up from the bottom edge of your Android display. After that, you should see a directory with everything installed on your smartphone. Switching between apps is as easy as tapping what you need.

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3. Go home from the overview

Tapping the blank area outside of an app’s card will immediately take you to the home screen instead of another app.

This can make Android navigation easier, especially if you use your device for work.

4. Swipe between apps

The bottom part of your Android screen is usually occupied by your navigation bar. By swiping along this bar in both directions, you can switch between apps in your app queue.

We love this after-work Android hack for swiping through apps in bed after a shower. This is the best way to get full quickly without wasting time manually tapping apps.

5. Open your latest app

Swiping right against the bottom bar is the quickest way to open the last used app. Whether you’re on your home screen or using another app, you can quickly jump to your next task or activity with this simple Android gesture.