‘This is breaking news’: Internet goes sarcastic as report points to glaring difference between Dwayne Johnson’s $800m XFL players and NFL stars

With his evergreen obsession with American football, Dwayne Johnson took a big leap in August 2020. The WWE Legend eventually bought startup minor football league XFL. After all this time, the first season has started in 2023. Football fans seem to love it so far, and so do the critics. However, there seems to be some news across the internet regarding XFL.


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How much did Dwayne Johnson buy XFL for? Does Dwayne Johnson Own an XFL Team?

8 days ago

Since the new football league is a startup and has also had many struggles, the compensation of the players does not seem to be on par with some of the more famous football leagues. Although the amount of money they earn is still sizable, some have begun to compare them to the all-time favorite NFL.


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All hell broke loose on the internet over Dwayne Johnson’s league

When a tweet went viral saying, “XFL players are paid a shockingly low salary compared to NFL players,” all sports fans rallied in the comments. After the compilation, a spam of endless hilarious and sarcastic comments began explaining how this difference in pay was already understood.

That’s a great question.

Another sarcastic comment to brighten everyone’s day.

People are aware of the facts. This is the power of the internet over the world of sports.

Another hilarious response from a sports fan.

That sounds about right.

The comparison between the two situations cannot be more precise.

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That’s actually a pretty positive outlook on the situation. The league is already doing well considering the circumstances it had to be pulled out of.

Let’s hope to see the majority of these up-and-coming athletes in the big leagues in the near future.

Founded in 1999 by former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, XFL ceased operations after just one season in 2001.


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How did Dwayne Johnson acquire the league?

Although the league was revived in 2018, the inaugural season was halted in early 2020 by the global pandemic. However, Dwayne Johnson, along with his business partner and ex-wife Dany Garcia, bought the bankrupt league in August 2020 for $15 million. Since then, XFL 3.0 has now found the right time to be relaunched after more than two years of waiting since its acquisition.

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It seems that sports enthusiast Dwayne Johnson is passionate about sports. Even though some football fans have lost confidence in the league, which has caused viewership to fall since the 2020 restart, the Hollywood star isn’t looking forward to settling down any time soon.

Let’s hope the league has immense success so that the players who play for them get a well-deserved raise.