This year’s Coachella showcased immersive AR portals

The legendary desert festival has teamed up with a number of companies to enthrall festival-goers.

Coachella Weekend 2 is officially over and it’s been a weekend. Meta took advantage of the magical event to announce a new partnership bringing together Girls Who Code, RCA Records and Instagram influencer/musician Becky G for a one-of-a-kind program designed to educate young women of color about the basics of coding and developing Augmented Reality (AR).

The program featured AR Instagram filters created by artists Britney Huiracocha, Priscilla Ramos, Vanessa Gonzalez, Arely Martinez Garcia, America Gonzalez, Jada Martin, and Dissy Vargas. Each of them was tasked with creating a new Meta Spark effect based on Becky G’s set and wardrobe from this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

Credit: Meta, Girls Who Code, RCA Records

The filters created by each artist mark the culmination of Meta’s efforts to support the community engagement and marketing of female artists on the RCA list.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with Meta and Girls Who Code on this unique and innovative Coachella fan experience. It’s important that we continue to champion and empower the next generation of young women as they pursue their passions, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her work,” said Becky G.

Coachella festival-goers were also able to explore a series of AR portals located at various locations around the festival site, in an experience Nadia Tamez, a Mexico-based AR artist and Meta collaborator, calls The Mirage. These included virtual scavenger hunts, various artist-branded facial effects, and more.

Coachella Festival attendees enjoyed the following AR experiences:

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The AR effect incorporates colors and themes from Becky G’s makeup brand, Treslúce Beauty, as well as 3D environmental elements from the desert landscape, including abstract flowers and cacti. With each tap, the user unlocks four different beauty looks, delicately integrating Tresluce makeup, honoring self-expression and authentic beauty, and adding a fun complement to one’s pristine beauty. The words “te luce bien” or “becomes you” were made with rotulos, a traditional Mexican hand-painted lettering technique that gives voice to dreams, boldness, uncompromising confidence, color and culture. The transparency and iridescence of the 3D flowers and cacti attempt to reflect what is being portrayed, adding another dimension to the viewer’s interaction with Becky G’s performance and showing how through music and vibration everyone connects to the elements that unfold in the move the rhythm of the sound. Credit: Meta, Girls Who Code, RCA Records

It was an honor for Tamez to work with Becky G, who she considers a great role model, on such a special project. To be able to work with a young Latinx woman who is passionate about her roots and her dream is a huge inspiration for Tamez and the company she founded, Synergy Studio.

“Together we have created this AR effect that celebrates culture and tradition in an innovative and disruptive way, trying to celebrate the connection between viewer and artist and make it visible through audio reactive art that brings the connection to the sound of their music to life and she resonates with history.”

According to Girls Who Code CEO Tarika Barrett, the project is another example of the organization’s commitment to empowering and empowering young women of color to thrive in the technology sector.

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“Girls Who Code students are some of the most powerful and creative changemakers on the planet today, and this effect is another example of what they can achieve when given a seat at the table in the tech industry,” said Barrett.

Girls Who Code and Meta have also partnered with various prominent organizations such as the Doja Cat Foundation and the Chadwick Boseman Foundation. The AR effect included themes and colors from Becky G’s makeup brand, Treslce Beauty. Additionally, the desert landscape included in the design included cacti and flowers.

To learn more about the AR experiences at Coachella, click here. To learn more about Girls Who Code, click here. And keep an eye out for more of our Coachella 2023 coverage in the coming days!

Feature Image Credit: Meta, Girls Who Code, RCA Records