Ting Internet debuts in a limited part of Alexandria

Ting Internet has launched in select areas of Alexandria, ending Comcast’s monopoly of Internet service in the city.

March 16, 2023 11:51 am EDT

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Comcast is no longer the only ISP in Alexandria. Ting Internet has launched fiber optic Internet service in select areas of Alexandria and plans to expand to other areas of the city.

Ting Internet, a Charlottesville company founded in 2015, was approved by the Alexandria City Council to provide a citywide internet service in 2022. Construction of the underground fiber optic infrastructure began in September 2022 after approval.

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A spokesman for Ting Internet said fiber optic Internet will initially be available to hundreds of homes in the Del Ray neighborhood. The ISP plans to expand across Alexandria in the coming years, with full access expected by 2025. Ting Internet estimates that it can serve over 90,000 addresses.

Customers can get symmetric home internet with upload and download speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second for $89 per month. Business and mass duty schedules can be customized.

Residents can visit ting.com/alexandria to see if their address has the Ting service available now, or an option to pre-order in the future.

As part of Ting’s agreement with the city government, residents who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program can get free symmetric gigabit internet, including 4,000 affordable housing units. These eligible residents also receive a free Eero router rental and can purchase a $100 Lenovo tablet for a one-time fee of $20 plus tax.

“We believe in making the Internet better, and that means improving Internet access and Internet choice for the communities in which we operate,” said Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows and Ting Internet. “Offering balanced gigabit fiber to the home free of charge for those who qualify for the ACP can make a really tangible difference, and that’s just the beginning.”

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The digital equity and inclusion program coordinated by Ting and the city will also provide free symmetrical gigabit internet to local nonprofits, parks and farmers’ markets selected by the city government.

“Not only has Ting brought a truly competitive broadband market to our city, the added resource of free accessibility for those who qualify for this program can be a game changer for thousands of Alexandrians,” said Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson, in an explanation. “We know that as city leaders, we must continue to find partners and solutions that not only make commercial sense, but also enable change for the people and businesses we serve.”

Ting operates in seven US states