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International students, particularly from India, have been attracted to Australia because of its open and flexible education system, easy immigration regulations, multicultural environment, post-graduation job opportunities, scholarships and lack of a language barrier. Around 95,000 Indian students in Australia are currently attending the school. There is a significant need throughout the English-speaking world for Indian professionals who have graduated from Australian Universities. A look at university rankings and costs is crucial. Today’s digital world makes it possible to send money anywhere. Thanks to the adjustment of money changing services, now anyone can send money from India to Australia.

Top 5 Universities in Australia: University of Melbourne:

It has a global ranking of 27 and is the first among Australian universities and was founded in 1853. You can choose from 5 research centers and about 20 graduate schools. The institutes are particularly focused on social justice, energy and sustainable and networked societies. Tuition fees vary by specialty and medical degrees are very expensive. Annual tuition fees range from $15,000 to $37,000.

University of Sydney:

Australia’s oldest university was founded in 1850. There are 16 academic subdivisions. It is located in Sydney and other Australian regions. The Great Barrier Reef is another site that supports geology and climate change research. Your tuition fees vary depending on the course and year of study. Undergraduates have to spend $42,000-$48,000, and postgraduates have to pay $43,500-$46,000 to take courses.

University of Queensland:

The university is ranked 36th overall and third in Australia. The place is Brisbane which was founded in 1909. It has six main departments, and those students who wish to do research during summer and winter vacations may receive financial support from university research programs.

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Monash University:

It bears the name of Sir John Monash, an Australian engineer and military commander. It is located in Victoria and was founded in 1958. It also has a branch in China and Malaysia, among several other related overseas locations. There are student exchanges at other international universities. Monash charges A$34,700 to A$48,300 for international undergraduate students and A$31,700 to A$47,800 for international masters students.

University of New South Wales Sydney:

It is a research university founded in 1949 in Kensington. She is a research innovator and a global leader in important areas such as inequality and climate change. More than 63,000 students are enrolled in degree programs here, and it is best for engineering and law schools. It offers scholarships to foreign students, each worth about $20,000. Undergraduate tuition is $29,600 while postgraduate tuition is $35,220.

Tips on Choosing the Best University in Australia

Invest some work in choosing the best institution and course in Australia as there are many options. Here are a few recommendations to consider before researching the institution.

Most people are aware of this, but if you dig a little deeper you might find out what criteria these rankings are based on. In general, rankings are based on academic citations, university research, and the quantity, quality, and number of citations they receive. Rankings are undoubtedly a great signal to consider when choosing a school.

It is an important measure for the freshmen to choose the university with higher graduate scores.

Some colleges accept 60 percent of the upper secondary grade and at least IELTS scores. Some require further tests, such as the GMAT, past portfolio creation, etc.

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The degree you choose may not always be offered by the university you wish to attend. It’s difficult to stick with your original choices once you’ve narrowed down your options. The evaluation takes into account the range of courses offered, the length of the course, the costs of the course and the type of financial aid offered.

More tips for students – how to pay tuition fees in Australia

There are numerous ways to pay the cost, including using a foreign currency exchange, wire transfer, or foreign currency credit card. This largely depends on the specifics of your transaction. You need to consider the exchange rate, transfer speed and associated fees.

The ideal way to send money abroad is with a bank transfer, which uses the SWIFT network to transfer funds. All colleges consider it the safest and most secure transaction. As a student moving to a new country, you also have everyday necessities. Since it is loaded with a fixed amount, a forex card is the best choice in this situation. But for all of this, a key factor is to find the best and most reliable money changers that handle the transaction process efficiently. You can also transfer the tuition fee through their online platform.


To continue your education stress-free, you must complete and transfer your payments by the due date. You can save money by choosing the appropriate transfer method. Your stress in exchanging money is reduced by choosing reputable money sellers. Only use money changers licensed by the RBI for outgoing transfers.

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