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Every time you snap a photo at a popular vantage point, you’ll inevitably catch passers-by. You then need to remove passers-by from the photo via a photo editing app. For example, Google Pixel has an exclusive Magic Eraser Magic Eraser function, but now the technology for removing passers-by from photos has been released for Android and iOS systems. The function of removing people or small things can also be realized through the mobile phone.

In this article you will learn how to remove the skills of passers-by (people) using Android or iPhone. If you have a Google One subscription, you can easily remove background passers-by with the Magic Eraser built into the Google Photos app, leaving you free to use your mobile phone. You can easily remove the passerby in the photo.

Does Google Magic Eraser’s Magic Eraser feature charge money?

Magic Eraser Magic Eraser was originally a retouching feature introduced by Google for Pixel series phones only. It can quickly remove passers-by and dirt on photos by smearing with fingers. This is for users who are not good with retouching tools. , very convenient.

However, Google has decided to fully open Magic Eraser’s photo editing feature to iPhone and Android users. As long as you have a Google One subscription, you can use the Magic Eraser feature for free by opening the Google Photos app and remove unrelated people in the photos. Or the little things can be deleted with one click.

Google Photos app needs to be updated to v6.25 or newer. Google One subscription required for use. Supports iPhone, iPad or Android phones. Download the Google Photos app: App Store, Google Play

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If you have not subscribed to Google One, you can refer to “Google One Turkey Cross-Regional Subscription Teaching, 2TB Free 500 Yuan Discount Skills and QA Arrangement”.

How to Teach iOS/Android with Google Magic Eraser

If there are random people on the screen after taking a photo with an iPhone or Android phone, you can use the magic eraser feature in Google Photos to get rid of them. As for the usage method, the operation is the same regardless of the Android or iPhone version. The Google Magic Eraser serves as a user guide under Wipe the iOS version:

Step 1. Open the Google Photos app

If you want to use the Magic Eraser feature, you need to download and open the “Google Photos App” on your mobile phone. Click directly on the photo of the desired person and click on the “Edit picture” function.

Step 2. Enable Magic Eraser feature

First select “Toolyou’ll see “Magic Eraser” feature, if the Magic Eraser doesn’t appear, it means you can’t use Magic Eraser for free without subscribing to Google One.

Step 3. Remove people and dirt from the photo

Google Photos Magic Eraser will automatically detect if there are people or things that need to be removed in the photo, and it will pop up “Find Suggested Items” immediately, click “Delete All”, you can quickly delete the idle passers-by in the photo with one click.

If the photo contains some superfluous objects that are not automatically corrected, such as B. slippers on the beach, silhouettes or common electricity poles and wires on the street, you can smudge the object to be removed in the photo with your finger. and Google’s artificial intelligence is used to fix it automatically.

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There is also a “Fusion” function, this function is mainly designed to convert the object in the picture to monochrome. For example, if you want to change the character in the photo to monochrome to make it stand out, just swipe your finger and the character will automatically change to monochrome.

Step 4. Save the photo

When the photo modification is complete, click “Finish and select the copy to save”. Google Photos will automatically create a retouched version.

Summary of Google Magic Eraser’s human rendering removal features

If you want to remove people or dirt from photos with your mobile phone, you can easily do it through the Google Magic Eraser feature. Whether iPhone or Android, you can quickly and easily swipe your finger to quickly remove the debris or passers-by in the photo. However, it must be used with a Google One subscription. Useful subscribers are advised to quickly grab Google Photos and give it a try.

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