Toddler boy helps his older sister lift weights in the most adorable moment on the internet

Lately the bodybuilding world has seen that it’s never too early or too late to train. Whether it’s a 3-year-old boy or an 85-year-old grandma, the training fever rises through the sky. Earlier this month, a young child went viral on the internet after being spotted performing an Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired workout without issue.

The toddler is the son of digital creator Boom Lumbus. Lumbus claims he has coached his son from day one. Meanwhile, his Instagram is filled with clips of the little boy exercising. However, it’s not like the father-son duo are the only fitness enthusiasts in the family. Just like her younger brother, who follows her father to the gym, is Lumbus’ daughter. In a recent video, the siblings can be seen training together in an adorable way.

The toddler at the gym


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On February 24, Boom Lumbus shared a video of his two children on his Instagram profile. In the video, Lumbus’ daughter did the bench press. The barbell used by the girl was adapted for children. It was covered in bright pink and gray paint. Beside the girl was her younger brother, who stood and carefully watched her sister’s every move.

Boom Jr. stood there exuding the perfect coaching vibe with the same attitude as his father. When the time came and his sister found it difficult to continue the exercise, the toddler did not waste a second in coming to her aid. The 3-year-old took the pole from his sister and immediately put it back on the stand.

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The body language of the two kids reflected which of the two had more gym experience. While the older one took it easy and seemed nervous, the younger one stood there completely self-confident and stress-free. It can be said that after training, for as long as he can remember, the gym is like a second home for the child.


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Growing up with a fitness-loving father, little Lumbus has been spending his time in the gym since he was a year old. Boom Lumbus’ Instagram is full of clips of the toddler exercising. One such clip recently went viral on the internet.

In the viral video, the little boy was spotted wearing a white vest while working on his biceps. The father mentioned in the caption that the boy was inspired by none other than bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Finding inspiration from the veteran and a little nudge from his father motivates the youngster to lift weights at this tender age.


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Not only does Boom Jr. work out at the gym, but he uses what he learns to help out the other kids at the gym, just like his sister.