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SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Me, the AI-powered storytelling format for work and big ideas, launched generative storytelling today. Launching in beta, Tomes AI allows creators to create entire narratives from scratch, complete with smart titles, outlines, page breaks, page layouts, and page content powered by GPT-3 and AI-generated images.

“Generative text and image technology has captivated the world, but we have yet to see an application that can power a compelling, visually compelling story. We use this technology in a truly tangible way that helps everyone express themselves or share important ideas. Now developers can create complete visual narratives with a single written command,” said Keith Peiris, co-founder and CEO of Tome. “Gone are the days of writer’s block or staring at a blank page. Unlocking your best work and ideas in Tome is now as easy as typing a command prompt and pressing Enter.”

“We look at AI as a collaborative partner that you can iterate with and build with,” said Henri Liriani, co-founder and CPO of Tome. “Our vision is for AI to be available whenever you want it, at every stage of the build process. For example, now you can use AI in Tome to take an idea further, create a starting point with images, or add a single page of content on a specific topic. Over time, we see Tome’s AI becoming more and more nuanced – refining the audio, refining the perfect image to make a point, or creating alternate layouts and charts.”

Tome’s AI works iteratively with creators to create compelling presentations and stories. Creators can type a simple written prompt and instantly create a full narrative structure. Additional iterations and new AI features, including text and sound editing, inline image adjustments, and alternate layouts, are expected in early 2023. Developers can use Tome’s AI for endless work applications including creating presentations, product roadmaps, fundraising decks, sales pitches, thought leadership pieces and more. Creators can also use Tome’s AI for creative applications in their personal lives, from creating an itinerary for their next trip to creating a visual fitness guide to crafting a new bedtime story for their child every night.

“We are entering an era of human amplification where we will see an historic acceleration in the coupling of human intelligence and technology,” said Reid Hoffman, board member at Tome and OpenAI and partner at Greylock. “Tome is compelling evidence and a window into a future where AI-powered tools enhance human creativity, as well as everyday tasks and critical problem solving. This shift will make professionals and companies in every industry more productive and inventive.”

“As AI moves from the research lab to everyday life applications, a new wave of innovators will reshape every part of our world,” said Dan Rose, Tome Board Member and Chairman of Coatue Ventures. “It’s particularly exciting to support teams like Tome who are building AI-enabled storytelling tools that have the potential to transform the way we communicate ideas. We believe these are the types of tools that will define the next decade of innovation in technology.”

Generative storytelling builds on Tome’s existing AI functionality, which includes the DALL·E 2 image generation tile, automatic color selection, and responsive design system. Tome also comes with numerous integrations, allowing developers to tell stories with any type of content, from interactive prototypes and 3D renderings to live integrations with popular tools like Figma, Airtable, Framer, Looker, and Giphy.

Tome can be accessed through Tome’s desktop or iOS app. Use generative storytelling to help shape your next presentation by creating a free tome account on

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