Top 10 companies hiring candidates for 6-figure data science salaries

Top 10 companies are hiring candidates for six-figure data science salaries

You are looking for a job? Here’s a list of the top 10 companies hiring candidates for 6-figure data science salaries

Data science is changing many companies around the world in different ways. It is surprising that the demand for data scientists is increasing rapidly and how useful insights from data are empowering companies to make more informed decisions. At this point, a six-figure data science salary isn’t a big deal if you’re highly skilled in data science. The top companies are now hiring candidates with the skills and offering them a six-figure salary.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for computer and information scientists, including those in data science, are expected to grow 22 percent by 2030, which is significantly faster than the national average. Jobs for data scientists and a variety of data professionals with different levels of education and experience, professional backgrounds and specialties abound in the data science job market. Thousands of positions in this expanding field are currently being advertised by several of the largest international companies hiring data science professionals.

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the top 10 companies hiring candidates for 6-figure data science salaries:

  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co. –It uses data analytics to find patterns in its consumers and financial markets. It analyzes its vast customer data set to locate market opportunities, identify threats and increase income through customer operations. The salary of a data scientist at JP Morgan Chase ranges from 11.3 lakhs to 32.0 lakhs per year.
  2. Google –His data is his most valuable asset. It manages information from any website that uses Google Analytics or AdSense (Google’s advertising service). Google then uses this information to evaluate consumer behavior and improve a wide range of its goods and services. Excellent perks and rewards well above the industry standard are provided by Google. Google data scientist salary ranges from 10.0 lakhs to 74.0 lakhs per year.
  3. VMware –VMware is a company that develops virtualization and cloud computing technology solutions for multi-cloud enterprises. Data Science is driving the development of anomaly detection, cryptographic agility, cache-adaptive algorithms and CloudCast at VMware. VMware Software Data Scientist salary ranges from 10.0 lakhs to ₹33.0 lakhs per year
  4. Deloitte– It is a market leader in professional services and an expert in various technical and financial implementation solutions. Tax, consulting, auditing and insurance, private business services, mergers and acquisitions, risk and financial advisory, analytics and cloud are some of their main specialties. Data Scientist salaries at Deloitte can range from ₹4,00,000 to ₹28,10,286 per year.
  5. EY– A multinational professional services company with a stronger focus on legal, technology and accounting. Strategy, Consulting, Human Resources and Human Resources, Transactions and Corporate Finance, Insurance, Tax, Managed Services and Private Business Solutions are some of her particular areas of expertise. EY Data Scientist salaries can range from ₹3,21,400 to ₹17,88,341 per year.
  6. Walmart –It’s committed to developing new and creative ways to use different types of data and has a ton of existing data to explore. Walmart uses extensive data mining to identify point-of-sale data patterns, which are then used to optimize supply chain, product assortment and improve retail checkout. The estimated total salary for a Data Scientist at Walmart is ₹3,048,194 per year.
  7. Amazon and AWS –From internships to seasoned professionals, they are looking for a range of data science opportunities. The company is known for its work in e-commerce, supply chain management, cloud computing and AI/ML development. Salaries for data scientists at Amazon can range from ₹2,70,779 to ₹62,99,600 per year.
  8. microsoft –Microsoft is a leading innovator in software, hardware, gaming, cloud computing, edge computing and digital transformation. A Microsoft initiative called AI for Earth is creating open-source models, tools, data, infrastructure, and APIs to accelerate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for environmental sustainability. Microsoft Data Scientist salaries can range from ₹2,08,255 to ₹47,09,919 per year.
  9. PwC – A multinational services company specializing in tax, consulting and auditing services. Cloud and digital, transactions, cyber security and data protection, governance/boards, risk, transformation and environmental, social and governance are other key topics (ESG). Data Scientist salaries at PwC can range from ₹1,07,044 to ₹27,35,109 per year.
  10. Sumo Logic –Sumo Logic, an innovative data analytics provider, specializes in providing real-time analytics to support digital businesses. Its scalable, cloud-native continuous intelligence platform enables faster investigation of security and operational issues and smarter data-driven decisions. The estimated total salary for a data scientist at Sumo Logic is $184,558 per year which can be possible with experience and in India.

Conclusion – These are the top 10 companies hiring candidates for six-figure data science salaries. However, most companies pay candidates based on their skills and abilities.