Top 10 Free Android Spy Apps in 2023

Free spy apps for android

Phone spy app is a good smartphone monitoring app that you can use to track the activity of a smartphone that you want to track. You can monitor incoming calls and text messages and track real-time phone location. These applications cannot detect if the end user does not see it. In this article, we see the list of top 10 free spy apps for Android in 2023.

Top 10 Free Android Spy Apps in 2023 Cocospy:

Cocospy is one of the most comprehensive monitoring and tracking tools. With its undetectable nature based on stealth technology and low usage, it is the perfect spy phone app. It is easy to install as it only takes 2MB and can be installed in five minutes. Additionally, it doesn’t use a large battery, making its presence undetectable. Cocospy is best used by users who want to track the location of their partner, children or family members. With this application, you can track their social media posts, location data, contacts, calls and recordings, and even browsing history.


FlexiSPY is a powerful spy software with unique features that other free spy software does not offer. It’s been around since 2005, so you can be sure the app knows what it’s doing. The app is not detectable in stealth mode, so target phone users can understand it.

FlexiSPY is considered to be one of the most versatile spy software. For example, you can use this app to listen to real phone conversations during the call. You can also record these calls and view their recordings.


GuestSpy is one of the best cell phone tracking options among free spy apps. It is a great tool that you can use to track the activities of an untraceable person. GuestSpy allows you to get different things on different phones. If your child has trouble with directions or gets lost, you can use location mode to find them. Maybe you’re worried that they’re hanging out or getting involved with the wrong people. Don’t worry, you can track them with social media or SMS tracker.

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If you’re looking for something basic but get the job done well, check out iKeyMonitor. It’s beginner-friendly enough and comes with plenty of features to cover all your basic research needs. With iKeyMonitor, you have many of the basic features of other free spy software. This includes monitoring Internet connections, services and information. Also, it has special features like capturing screenshots and limiting screen time on different phones. It is one of the best free spy apps for Android.

Loot theft protection:

Prey Anti Theft is an app like Find-My-Tool. It offers features like phone lock, location tracking and sending alarms from phone. It is a great spy and security app that will help you catch thieves when your phone gets stolen. It comes in the list of the best free spy apps for Android.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this app can also take pictures with the camera. This is especially useful when checking your phone’s location. Also, the ability to check nearby WiFi locations will help you find out the MAC address


Another good option for free spy software is SpyHuman. This app has all the features you would need from a spy app. It can track location, messages, web browsing, etc. It is best to monitor your child’s phone usage if the co-worker or others are using the phone incorrectly. SpyHuman offers many features. It features SMS tracker and monitors all SMS logs of the device. With location tracking, you can track not only where a user is right now, but also where they’ve been. It’s a big plus for security when the target phone is stolen.

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Spyera: If you need a cross-platform spy app, Spyera might be your best choice. It is available on many major platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Spyera covers all the bases and offers some advanced features that other free spy apps don’t have. One of these features is the ability to record incoming and outgoing phone calls on separate devices. Another outstanding feature is the ability to notify you when the target phone changes SIM cards. It is one of the best free spy apps for Android. Espionage:

Spyic is one of the best free spy apps and it can also be customized on Android. No jailbreak or installation is required to install on iOS or Android devices, which is a plus. With Spyic, you can track browsing activity on Safari, Chrome, Edge, and more. Spyic allows tracking incoming and outgoing calls without the user’s knowledge. If you need more monitoring, it can track chats and apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. Also, it can track the SMS service of the target device.


With XNSPY, you get a free Android spy app that is undetectable to target device users. Its user-friendly nature allows even new users to easily utilize its features. Also, it’s available for Android and iOS, so almost anyone can use it. It is one of the most amazing spy apps for Android.

XNSPY has many features including social media, messaging, gallery and call tracking. Whether you surf the web in browser or tracking mode, XNSPY does it all. uMobix: uMobix is ​​a popular app due to its time tracking features on Android and iOS devices.

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In addition to the standard features found in many spy apps, uMobix offers some great features for more advanced surveillance needs – this includes accessing devices from machines and cameras to simultaneously preview devices around the user. In addition, uMobix offers you the possibility to view not only deleted messages but also contacts and calls.

Top 10 Free Spy Apps For Android With Their Website: Frequently Asked Questions: What Are Spy Apps Used For? Spyware is software that allows users to secretly track a user on their phone or other device. Can a telephone be used as a bugging device? Can someone hack a phone with just a phone number? What is the 3-digit number that is displayed when your phone is tapped? Do phones eavesdrop on people’s conversations? The short answer is yes, technically your smartphone is always listening. How do you block a laser bug? Distort the sound reaching the device. Block the sound completely. Transfer another tone to mask the tone. Can spyware work without the internet? Spyware requires an internet connection to send the collected data. Without this connection, it cannot send anything to the attacker. How do I know if my phone is being tracked? Unusual noises during calls. Reduced battery capacity. The phone shows activity when not in use. The phone takes a long time to shut down. Battery temperature feels warm. Receiving unusual texts. Increased data usage. Conclusion: So this is the list of top 10 free spy apps for Android. All these spy tools are good for many different situations. It’s good for parents who want to monitor their kids or follow someone somewhere.