Top 10 Predictive Analytics Business Solutions

As the world moves online at an exponential rate, businesses are accumulating vast amounts of information. It is no surprise that data collection and analysis act as crucial factors in shaping the fate of any sector.

Therefore, as methods of data collection and processing improve, more and more companies feel the urge to get the most out of the stored data, embed predictive analytics software into their workflow, and improve the quality of decision making.

“The best approach is to pilot on a limited scale and then fine-tune the established predictive model to generate actionable insights for years to come.” Alexander Marmuzevich, CTO at InData Labs, an AI consulting solutions company

statistics show an increase in the predictive analytics software market to as much as $41.52 billion by 2028. Such a dramatic increase is due to the associated benefits and the top performing companies offering the highest quality big data solutions .

In this blog post, we want to highlight the companies that are doing their best to stay competitive and achieve great business results.

1. InData Labs

Core services: Big Data Development, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Computing

InData Labs is a data science company with its own R&D center based in Cyprus, Nicosia. Founded in 2014, it has since specialized in AI, ML and Big Data Analytics technologies to deliver actionable insights and generate transformations at scale for its clients. A AWS Select Tier PartnersInData Labs continually demonstrates the excellence of its services with rave customer reviews, certifications and its presence in top lists.


Core Services: Cloud Services, Data & Analytics, Application Modernization, Customer Experience & DXP,

CI&T is a software development company founded in Brazil in 1992. It primarily provides enterprise solutions for the transportation and financial services industries. With more than 6000 specialists on board, including data scientists, designers, software engineers and strategists, CI&T succeeds in selecting key data strategies and transforming raw data into valuable insights.

3. Exometry

Core Services: AI & ML Consulting, Big Data Consulting, BI & Custom Dashboards, Cloud Computing Services

Headquartered in London in 2016, Exometrics is a small company focused on leveraging machine learning and advanced data analytics to help clients solve complex data-related problems. The company has been highly acclaimed by the clients it has worked with, citing its audio transcription, sentiment analysis, video and photo annotation capabilities.

4. Powerful digital

Core Services: BI and Big Data Development, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Data Services

Mighty Digital is a growth agency founded in Ukraine in 2017. It helps companies unlock the potential of data with high quality data infrastructure and analytics solutions, supported by associated engineering, design and product management services.

5. Polestar Solutions and Services

Core services: BI and big data consulting, cloud consulting and SI, modernization of enterprise applications

Since its inception in 2012, Polestar has focused on providing best-in-class data, analytics and business planning services to enterprise customers. With over 200 customers and cross-industry solutions, the company has gained trust worldwide and proven it with certifications.

6. Adastra

Core services: BI & Big Data Consulting, Cloud Consulting & SI, IT Managed Services

Adastra is a data and analytics company specializing in the development of enterprise solutions related to AI, big data analytics and cloud infrastructure. It leverages two decades of experience to help organizations generate actionable insights and drive data-driven growth.

7. DAS42

Core services: BI and big data consulting, data analysis applications, cloud consulting and SI

DAS42 is a New York-based strategic analytics solutions company that advances enterprise data ecosystems with cloud-based data analytics consulting and professional services. The company has built a solid foundation of quality services and is currently on the rise, demonstrating its power with its presence in the top lists.

8. GetInData

Core services: BI and big data consulting, artificial intelligence, cloud consulting, team expansion

GetInData is a data analytics agency headquartered in Poland. It leverages open source and cloud technologies to help data-centric organizations achieve higher ROI from their data processing. The company builds scalable data/streaming/MLOps platforms, implements data pipelines and builds ML/AI models to turn companies’ data into assets.

9. Data Forest

Core Services: Web Applications, Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Data Scraping, DevOps

DataForest is a data science and web development agency focused on data-driven solutions. It combines data science techniques with business automation, data analytics, and advanced software engineering to deliver value to midsize and small businesses through workable data strategies.

10. Perfect Latin America

Core services: custom software development, BI and big data consulting, artificial intelligence, cloud data services

Perficient Latin America is a nearshore software development and offshore outsourcing hub. The company is well-respected around the world and has a wealth of decades of experience in meeting customer needs and helping solve software and data-related challenges.

Bring away

All providers of predictive analytics solutions The products listed above are making a noticeable contribution to the growth of the predictive analytics market. Best-in-class services from these companies provide data-centric organizations with a number of benefits, including:

  • ROI and workflow optimization;
  • risk management;
  • Insights into customer behavior patterns;
  • Increased staff productivity;
  • Informed decisions and more.