Top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are NextPit’s five free and paid Android/iOS apps this week. We publish this selection every week, you can also check last week’s top 5 apps.

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Flora: Plant Care & Identifier (iOS & Android)

Do you have a green thumb and think an app is actually insulting your innate ability to care for plants? Well, chances are many people struggle to take good care of their houseplants compared to those who are in tune with their green selves. The Flora: Plant Care & Identifier app has only one purpose: to save your plants from unwanted mishaps!

Flora offers the state-of-the-art Flora Snap feature. So if the plant in question has information about it stored in its database, it will show you all the information you ever wanted to know about it! I walked around the office and took a snapshot of a lone leaf, which got the right result!

The app also helps those who need reminders to water their plants through daily notifications and provides additional care data. Be prepared to receive recommendations on light levels, humidity, temperature and even repotting! Flora works best with a subscription, which can get pretty expensive in the long run (you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription). I would only recommend this app to those who are really serious about their plants at home.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: none / In App Purchases: Yes / Account: Not required (but recommended)
Top 5 apps of the week: Flora

Want to find out what kind of care your plants need best? This app could be of help. / © NextPit

OYE Wellness (iOS & Android)

We live in a very stressful environment these days, with notifications constantly bombarding our smartphones and computers, vying for our attention. The term “wellness” has already caught on in the tech circles, so here’s another app that aims to help you be more mindful of yourself – OYE Wellness.

This app does more than the usual things like tracking your emotions (you’ll have to choose where you want on the chart, of course), as it hopes to lift your spirits through clever use of AI art. Yes, your emotions can actually be channeled into creative action, now how about progress? There is an emotional check-in tool that you can use to actually name and identify your range of feelings.

It’s all very modern in nature, so if you are more traditional in your religious beliefs and feel uncomfortable with such actions and vibes, don’t hesitate to miss out. Otherwise, it might be worth stopping by this weekend to get away from it all through mindful notifications that help encourage perseverance, self-love, and responsibility towards yourself. OYE Wellness has two subscription plans (whoever said wellness is cheap?): $9.99 monthly with a 7-day free trial, or $59.99 annually with a 14-day free trial.

  • Price: Free / advertising: None / In App Purchases: Yes / Account: Necessary
Top 5 Apps of the Week: Oye

Learn to control your emotions and happiness with this app. / © NextPit

Kyupid (iOS & Android)

A couple that is productive together stays together. wait a minute, is that correct? If you feel like your relationship has more or less lost the spark and you want to improve the way you and your significant other are in sync, maybe Kyupid could help. This is a productivity app specifically aimed at couples.

I myself use a shared calendar app with my wife, but that only helps us see each other’s schedules. Of course, we can always schedule a calendar event like “Weekly Grocery Shopping” and in that event leave a note on the list of items that have been used up in the pantry, but it’s just so tedious. Kyupid helps streamline matters through a shared and dedicated workspace that makes it easier to manage shopping lists, daily tasks, important events, routines, and notes between the two of us.

To add extra interest in using this app, Kyupid allows you to spend and redeem Kyupons (yes, pretty lame, but if you’re in a relationship, anything that makes you laugh is a bonus) to show your gratitude your partner can show.

Any changes made to a list are reflected in real time. I suppose the cheapest way to get things done is to have a shared Google Doc reflecting the latest information at all times, but why take the fun out of trying a new app? The Kyupons bit is cute because you can later redeem cute little tokens of love with it.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In App Purchases: none / Account: Necessary
Top 5 Apps of the Week: Kyupid

Kyupid can be a tool to add some cohesion to your relationship, and it can be fun in the process. / © NextPit

MySoundtrack (Android)

Have you ever wished you could hear a certain song in a certain place? While on-demand music has become commonplace these days thanks to streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music, here’s an app that helps automate things better – MySoundtrack!

Imagine “Lady in Red” playing in the background when you met your college friend at the local coffee shop, where you both declared your love for each other! Now that you are both happily married and about to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary, what if you thought of that event every time you walked past that coffee shop? MySoundtrack does this job where you can pick virtually any location and choose from YouTube Music, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify to play the songs of your choice.

Location access needs to be enabled for this app to work and so far I haven’t encountered any issues. However, it would be a bit strange if you forgot the different locations you programmed and went in without a pair of earbuds just to have your phone hear the playlist for everyone and everyone!

  • Price: Free / Advertising: Yes / In App Purchases: none / Account: Not required (but recommended)
Top 5 apps of the week: My Soundtrack

Enjoy music wherever you are… as long as there is an internet connection. / © NextPit

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (iOS & Android)

As an Arsenal supporter, I’ve suffered long enough that every false dawn is carefully greeted with excitement and trepidation. There are also times when I thought the manager could have done better and I call him from the TV. With Football Manager 2023 Mobile I can now manage my favorite football team from the comfort of my smartphone.

Being a FIFA licensed game there are no fake leagues and cup competitions to play in as you get the entire work – UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League and the UEFA Supercup. I also like the Team Conversations feature, which allows me to engage with my players whenever they need a pep talk, just to wring that extra bit of performance or ask them to hold the line (and lead). .

Once again you have to pay more money to unlock in-game options such as in-game editor). I find this pretty distasteful considering I’ve already pre-paid money for this game and to see additional options remain out of reach is just insane. Overall, you get a few kicks (heh!) from digitally managing your favorite team, although the paywall options put a damper on the experience.

  • Price: $9.99 / advertising: None / In App Purchases: Yes / Account: Necessary