Top 5 reasons to own a Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online in 2023

New content is regularly added to GTA Online, which has proven to be one of Rockstar Games’ most popular assets. To keep users entertained, the developers release timely updates that include new missions, vehicles, events, and other content. One such vehicle added to the game was the Mobile Operations Center.

The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a heavy-duty trailer packed to the brim with features. The MOC was added to GTA Online on June 13th, 2017 as part of the Gunrunning Pack.

It is for sale in the Warstock Cache and Carry online catalog for $2,790,000 or retail for $1,225,000. Six years after its release, the MOC can still prove to be a valuable asset. Here are five reasons to buy the Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online.

5 Best Reasons to Get Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online 5) Eight Exclusive Missions

Owning the Mobile Operations Trailer grants access to eight exclusive missions in GTA Online. This is a great way to raise extra money. They’re essentially source-and-sell, and players will need to do a bit of grinding to gain access to these additional rewards.

Below are the eight exclusive missions unlocked with the purchase of the Mobile Operations Center:

Severe Weather PatternsHalf-track BullyExit StrategyOffshore AssetsCover BlownMole HuntData BreachWork Dispute2) Discounts on vehicles

The eight missions unlocked with the purchase of the Mobile Operations Center trailer offer discounts on many vehicles. Some of them are Dune FAV, Half-track, Gunned Tampa and many more from the GTA Online catalogue.

The Dune FAV is normally available for $1,130,500 and tops out at 99.75 mph or 160.53 km/h. After the discount, it’s available for $850,000.

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The Half-Track can be purchased for $2,254,350 but with the MOC discount it can be purchased for $1,695,000. It has a top speed of 46.60 mph or 75.00 km/h.

The Tampa is regular priced at $2,108,050 but can be purchased at a discount for $1,585,000. Its top speed is 90.10 mph or 145.00 km/h.

3) armament

By using the bunker research in the trailer, players will gain access to a mobile weapons workshop in the vehicle. This means that the Mobile Operations Center can act as an ammo replenisher for special ammunition such as the explosive shells.

This likely inspired the mobile Acid Lab in the MTL 6X6 Brickade released as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online.

Also, there is an option to arm the trailer with front and rear turrets. These can come in handy when fending off griefers and attackers during a supply run or otherwise.

4) Toughness The MOC can take a lot of damage before it’s destroyed (Image via GTA Wiki)

Rockstar Games mentioned in its description of the Mobile Operations Center that it can hold around 24 RPG missiles and 70 missiles from a Buzzard Helicopter. It can also withstand about 60 missiles from the Oppressor MKII.

This shows that the trailer has some serious toughness at its core. This beast of a machine is an absolute grind to overcome. It can spawn indefinitely in the owner’s garage even if destroyed.

5) Safe and secure for owner’s assets

The Mobile Operations Center can house a vehicle in any of its three bays. With its impressive robustness and top speed of 88.50 mph or 142.43 km/h, this is a unique and secure garage in its own right. Saved vehicles can also be adjusted here.

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Taking these facts into account, buying the Mobile Operations Center looks like a brilliant investment that will bring its owner real long-term benefits in the competitive environment of GTA Online.

The MOC brings a wealth of operations into a single location that players can carry with them anywhere in Los Santos and Blaine County.