Touchable: Mkeke’s new premium iPhone 14 cases!

Mkeke has specialized in iPhone case design since 2015. In that time, they’ve grown into a top iPhone case brand, generating well over 1,000,000 positive reviews! Now Mkeke has revamped its new iPhone 14 range of cases to bring us two amazing new offerings – including a brand new magnetic case – that will make you think twice about getting a case direct from Apple. Check out the video below for our hands-on look, and for a limited time, get 20% off at Amazon.

Ever since the iPhone 12 range launched with the brand new MagSafe feature, more and more consumers have been requiring cases that are MagSafe compatible. More and more customers are using MagSafe chargers, MagSafe wallets, and other MagSafe accessories. A case that supports MagSafe, which also increases MagSafe’s magnet strength, is a must.

In steps Mkeke’s new magnet housing. This case is ideal for anyone who likes to show off the color of the phone they have while providing immense protection for their iPhones. The clear magnetic case provides iPhone users with a thick and durable shell that gives them a secure in-hand feel when using it.

Some of its notable features are:

Raised bezels and four corners with built-in airbags can prevent the screen and camera from being smashed or scratched. It features military-grade drop protection, which can protect the phone when it falls suddenly. Mkeke has a climate-friendly certification, Amazon Choice and a bestseller banner on Amazon. The iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with MagSafe is compatible with all QI-certified MagSafe chargers and car mounts. (Strong 2600G magnetic force)

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The four airbag corners really help reduce any impact the iPhone will suffer if dropped from a great height and the lip around the screen and camera allows you to put your phone down knowing that it will not be worn or scratched. For me the best feature is the strength of the magnets, that 2600G of magnetic force really helps keep constant contact with all your MagSafe accessories!

These new silicone cases from Mkeke are the ones I would take personally. If you’ve ever used one of Apple’s first-party silicone cases, you’ll be very familiar with what that feels like. The outer shell of the case is made of this soft-touch rubber material that is extremely comfortable to hold. Everything is very smooth, but still easy to grasp.

Then the inside of the case might be my favorite part. It is made with a soft microfiber lining to fully protect your phone. It also has very minimal branding, with the logo appearing on the inside of the case.

Some other features to consider:

Skin-friendly and designed with customer comfort in mind. It uses real environmental protection liquid silicone, which is made of Betley new material, synthetic silicone resin and HSL-E0806 ink. Streamlined curved surface design, no scratching feeling when touched. Magnet Feature for iPhone Case with MagSafe is compatible with all QI-certified MagSafe chargers and car phone mounts. Built-in N52H magnets, with strong magnetic attraction, reach 2900Gs, effectively strengthen magnetic connections and ensure wireless charging is automatically aligned. Healthy and environmentally friendly materials, meeting RoHS, California 65 and other environmental requirements. Product materials have passed international carbon neutral certification.

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The unified design, soft-touch material, and MagSafe enhancements make this silicone case one of my favorite cases this year, and I didn’t even mention the price!

Prices & Availability

Both cases are available now on Amazon. The clear magnetic case is available in 10 different colors for all iPhones in the iPhone 14 range and costs $16.99. The silicone case is also available for all iPhone 14 versions, comes in eight different colors and also starts at $16.99 (with the $2 off coupon). Meanwhile, Apple is charging $49.99 for its versions of these cases!

Summary (+ 20% discount)

Both Mkeke offerings are ideal for anyone looking for a MagSafe-compatible case. I personally would go for the silicone case, but that’s just my preference. Both cases offer great protection, strong MagSafe magnets, and the ability to style them however you like.

What do you think of these cases? Are they worth it for under $20? Let me know and let’s discuss in the comments!

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