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Just because you’re in the UK rather than holidaying abroad doesn’t eliminate the risk of something unexpected happening and costing you money.

That’s why you should consider travel insurance for your UK holiday.

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What is travel insurance for a holiday in the UK?

During the pandemic years, UK staycations saw a surge in popularity due to international travel restrictions.

But other factors, such as warm summers and cost considerations, may encourage people to consider staying on those shores rather than venturing to overseas destinations.

Travelers can take advantage of what’s on their doorstep, whether it’s a country retreat, a hike, or a seaside getaway.

One of the most important elements of travel insurance is health insurance, which the welcome availability of the NHS makes largely unnecessary for UK holidaymakers. But there are other key backups that make a purchase worthwhile

What does insurance cover for a holiday in the UK?

Typically travel insurance for a holiday in the UK will cover:

Travel cancellation/interruption: pays off if you can no longer start or have to interrupt your vacation for various reasons such as unemployment, public service, divorce or death. Loss/Theft of Luggage and Property: It can happen anywhere, after allPersonal Liability: Cover if you injure someone or damage their propertyMissed Departures: pays you if you miss a train, ferry or flight for reasons beyond your control , as accommodation provider goes into administration. Assistance if you are ill or injured: If you are hospitalized away from your home, your policy may cover the cost of moving to a facility closer to where you live. Sports accident insurance: For the more adventurous, most policies also include sports and activities coverage as standard, with the option to extend this coverage to higher-risk activities such as bungee jumping and paragliding for an additional fee. Does UK holiday insurance cover caravanning?

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Whether you’re staying in a stationary caravan or traveling in one, you’ll need specialist caravan insurance alongside travel protection for a holiday in the UK.

The insurance for mobile homes pays if the caravan is damaged by fire or storms, for example, or if you lose the keys.

Touring caravan protection pays for damage to another person’s caravan, vehicle or property during towing.

Special motorhome insurance is also available. It uniquely combines coverage for issues related to a home and a vehicle.

This includes damage from burglary, theft of property, damage to other vehicles and injury to other drivers.

What does UK holiday travel insurance not cover?

Many travel insurers only cover UK travel for at least two consecutive nights. They can also require you to travel a minimum number of miles from home – say 25.

Limitations or exclusions of coverage will be set out in the policy wording.

Does holidaying in the UK cover Covid-19?

Almost all policies cover trip cancellations if you or a travel companion contract the virus. All scenarios covered are set out in the policy conditions.

Is annual travel insurance worth it?

If you tend to spend several weekends in the UK or enjoy a holiday in the UK as well as a trip abroad over the course of a year, you may want to consider annual travel insurance.

These contracts – as opposed to the single trip alternative – cover you for any trip you take during a 12 month period, including within the UK (provided you are traveling for at least two or three consecutive nights per trip and the trip lasts longer than a minimum distance to the place of residence).

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Annual policies are more expensive than single trip options, but can get cheaper the more trips you make.

How do I compare travel insurance for a holiday in the UK?

It’s always best to shop around to get the best price on the cover that’s right for you. With a travel insurance comparison tool like ours, you can easily weigh up policy prices, deductibles – the set amount you have to pay out for each claim you make – and levels of coverage.

Compare travel insurance quotes

Compare from our range of over 100 policies