Travel Line Project is Developed to Connect Blockchain & Travel Community

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2022 / travel line is a newly formed crypto project designed to connect blockchain and travel communities to encourage holders to travel through them “Money Earn 2” The new strategy of the mechanism. In the latest expansion, the platform has built a world-class NFT marketplace that allows users to travel and trade in tourism metaverse.

Travel Line, Monday, September 26, 2022, Image accompanying the press release
travel line

The company offers NFT’s travel packages, and through virtual travel, users can earn TRN dollar tokens daily, which can be used to buy back more NFTs or turn them into withdrawable dollars. Travel Line also welcomes all levels of token experience for the first time.

Users can access encryption information and immersive content in one place. Travel Line’s wide user base allows its clients to transfer and trade land in the world’s most famous tourist spots by owning the token, selling their tourism services in the form of NFTS and generating their income. People can travel worldwide and earn money from their tourism properties.

Travel Line Metaverse consists of a tourist object. It is bought and managed by token block holders. The original Travel Line token is $TRN, and holders are referred to as travelers. It includes the following features:

1. Travel: Travel Line allows people to take a tourist trip through Metaverse with their friends.

2. To play: Users can visit tourist places, play games, have fun with friends, and connect to the virtual reality world through the network

3. Deserve: People can earn income through multiple revenue streams. Travel Line will be a land of opportunities for travelers. Travel Line’s tours and properties are available for purchase by travelers. In addition, there are opportunities from passive earnings, risk taking and advertising.

4. Create: Owners can create their estates, complexes and museums and present their tourism services, attractions and works of art.

Subsequently, Travel Line owns Metaverse traveler Packages. Each type of Travel Line package has its own characteristics and win rates. The winnings of each pack depend on its strength and quality. Additionally, Travel Line only offers users features within the Meta Virus if they have multiple NFTs from the same box.

About Travelline:

Travel Line is a crypto platform that developed its decentralized metaverse. Travel Line has a decentralized virtual reality crypto for travel and tourism powered by BSC Network. The contract address is as follows:

Travel Line is a progressive project in the global tourism and travel sector. It focuses on fully transferring tourism to the Metaverse virtual world, so that everyone around the world can do tourism with a win-win travel system.

In addition, TRN tokens are available in presale and DEX. Then the TOKEN is ready to be included on the CEX platforms. Upcoming projects will introduce the Travel Line market, where TRN token holders will be able to buy tourism properties and travel through the NFTs mechanism.

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