Trellis Data, an advanced machine learning company, is bringing its cutting-edge, explainable artificial intelligence technology to the US market

The company is headquartered in Australia and serves a range of global clients in Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Trellis Data’s technology is currently deployed across multiple sectors including government, defense, law enforcement and logistics. Entry into the US market is the result of investments by Ultratech Capital Partners

Arlington, Va., March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trellis Data, an advanced machine learning company, announces its entry into the United States, opening an office in Ultratech Capital Partners, a specialized US investment, following a new round of financing Arlington, VA Part of the Damazein Family Office. The new funding round catalyzes Australia-based Trellis Data’s U.S. market entry and supports the continued deployment of its AI technology, already deployed in the government, defense, law enforcement and logistics sectors.

Machine learning leader Trellis Data is expanding into the United States

Trellis Data’s new round of funding marks its first international office and expands its current customer base, which spans Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

According to Michael Gately, CEO of Trellis Data, “Trellis Data is at the forefront of trusted AI by providing real-time explanations for deep neural networks. Our explanation technology is state-of-the-art and is at the heart of our Trellis Intelligence Platform (TIP). , which returns results for all of our models and data types.”

TIP was developed with a broad user base in mind. With a “no-code” approach to machine learning solutions, TIP aims to make building models faster and easier, and help organizations use AI to solve more complex business problems.

“At Trellis Data, we want to democratize machine learning. We believe you don’t need to be a data scientist to harness the power of AI and get meaningful results. Our technology has already proven successful in Australia and we look forward to bringing our innovative, game-changing solutions to customers in the United States. Trellis Data is ideally positioned to lead the growth of the sector,” added Gately.

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Trellis Data specializes in using computer vision for object recognition and understanding natural language processing to create highly accurate speech-to-text and translations. By partnering with its customers and service providers, the company delivers AI technology capable of solving complex real-world problems.

For example, as part of its range of practical solutions:

Trellis Data has developed sophisticated scene text reading models to streamline logistics operations by scanning hard-to-read surfaces and autonomously identifying shipping containers, trucks, and pallets. Trellis Data supports law enforcement by improving surveillance through highly accurate transcription and translation models that can eavesdrop on defined keywords and phrases in faster than real time. In a world first, Trellis Data is also helping to protect Australia’s agricultural sector from biosecurity threats as part of an attempt to use advanced object recognition models to detect invasive plants and pests.

“The possibilities of machine learning are now being realized around the world, and companies are demanding AI tools that are easy to use, integrate with existing enterprise systems, and most importantly, deliver results they can trust. We see tremendous opportunity to expand our technology adoption in the United States,” Gately said.

“The US is a key market for machine learning growth. This expansion means that our existing customers with offices in the US will benefit from our local team and US-based companies will have access to the world-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence that we provide.”

About trellis data

Trellis Data offers the world’s most advanced machine learning you can trust in an easy-to-use machine learning platform. Our core product is the Trellis Intelligence Platform (TIP) – an enterprise-wide deep learning platform that enables both deep learning experts and non-professionals to solve complex problems by building, training and delivering trusted deep learning solutions . TIP is delivered as Software-as-a-Service covering the end-to-end needs for companies looking to deploy machine learning.

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