Trendy Food And Cooking Products That Are (And Aren’t) Worth It

The internet is full of recommendations. Every day, you probably come across kitchen gadgets, trending ingredients, and viral recipes that are so popular you’re wondering if it’s worth trying. So Redditor asked u/rifain: “What product [did] hyped the internet for you to try it, and what was your experience when you tried it?” That’s how people responded.


“A Kitchenaid stand mixer. I had read about this for years and as an avid baker I had lusted after one for a long time. When my hand blender finally died, I figured it was time to get one. And yes, it was absolutely fantastic. I use it at least twice a week.”


“For me, it was the Old Bay spice. We don’t have it here in France but I kept reading about this great product (especially for seafood). I couldn’t bear not to try it another day and bought a box of Old Bay from Amazon. So far I’ve used it for ratatouille, shrimp and chicken. It’s pretty good, but so unnecessary in my opinion. I’m used to cooking with herbs and spices. I understand how Old Bay helps with a quick recipe or for someone not interested in investing the time to learn about spices, but it was of little value to me.”


“An instant pot. I finally took the plunge and used it 3 days a week for two years. Pressure cookers are really fantastic.”


“Food packages. I tried one for a while, but both my partner and I both agreed that it would be much more economical to keep the recipes they sent for the first three months and then buy the ingredients from our local grocery store. Our biggest complaint when trying the product was the excessive amount of wasteful packaging.”


“Better than bullion. This stuff is so good. It has completely replaced dry bullion cubes and packaged broth for me.”


“Nutritional yeast. I love this stuff on popcorn, but I don’t think it tastes very good on things like soup or salad. It’s a staple in my pantry, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a one-trick pony used solely to flavor popcorn.”


“Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise. It’s hard to find where I live because it’s so popular, but I have to admit that it honestly tastes better than regular supermarket mayonnaise.”


“I watch tons of YouTube home cooking, and the only hyped food that stands out to me is pickled red onions. So many people swear by these things, and the hype is totally justified, i always Have them in the fridge now.”


“All bagel spice. I love it and it’s made with flavorful ingredients that I don’t usually have on hand.”


“Chili oil. Thanks to my Instagram feed, I gave in to trying a few different chili oils, from Trader Joe’s version to Fly By Jing and Momofuku. I can honestly say this is one ingredient I can’t live without. Just a little scoop of this stuff adds so much flavor to anything I cook, whether it’s plain pasta or roasted veggies.”


“A good cast iron skillet. I seasoned it from scratch, made a steak and immediately saw the magic.”


“Reddit got me to finally take the plunge into buying MSG. I now add it to all my home cooking and have no regrets.”


“Smash Burger. Cooking burgers using this method turned out to be everything that was advertised and more. I really can’t go back to how I used to make burgers.”


“High quality canned fish. I’ve long been a fan of canned fish having a real moment in the spotlight thanks to TikTok. I recently wrapped up quality ingredients like tuna belly in olive oil and clams at Escabeche. The taste is incredible and they’re the easiest and quickest meals when I’m in a pinch.”


“Dalgona coffee, that whipped coffee drink that took over the internet. It looked good but ended up being too sweet and fluffy.”


“Fresh truffles. I wanted to like them, but I didn’t care about the taste. I see chefs using them in all kinds of fancy dishes, but I personally didn’t like them. I’d rather use chanterelles, morels or a giant portabella in my kitchen instead.”


“The latest ‘hyped’ product I’ve bought is an air fryer. I have the Ninja and I can confirm it’s THE BOMB.”


“This viral TikTok tomato feta pasta. It’s now a staple in my household and one of the meals we take turns eating. It’s worth a try if you haven’t already!”


“A sous vide. It really cooks the best steak ever. It’s so tender. This device changed the rules of the game.”


“Pretty much every recipe that has become famous on social media. These things are almost never worth preparing. Do you remember these trendy cloud eggs? It was all that work for something that tasted, well… like an egg.


“Homemade pasta. I’d seen people making them online and thought it would be overly time consuming and pretentious, but man, the switch from pre-packaged store-bought to fresh pasta was amazing. My husband got me the Kitchenaid attachment which makes it easy. Now I make homemade pasta on Sundays and freeze it for the week.”


“Cauliflower everything from rice and pizza crust to fried cauliflower wings. Why can’t cauliflower be content with what it is? It’s an absolutely delicious vegetable and I’m afraid we’re giving it a complex.”


“Mason Jar Salads. Saw these on Pinterest. Sure, they look pretty, but eating a salad out of a jar is awful. If you dump it in a bowl, you have two dirty plates. It just makes a whole. It makes a lot more sense to prepare and eat your salad in a food storage container.”


“Kerrygold Pure Irish Salted Butter. The internet loves this stuff. It’s fine in my opinion, but it’s not special enough to justify the idea of ​​paying more for it.”


“Overnight Oats. I’ve tried recipe after recipe after seeing this breakfast on blogs, YouTube, TikTok, etc. I think they taste terrible. You won’t get sticky, delicious, or soothing liquid and other ingredients that also become sad in the process.”


“Cookie Butter. At the age of 20 I finally tried them for the first time. All I can say is that it’s probably the greatest invention the Belgians have ever dreamed up. I love using them when making desserts like New York Cheesecake with cookie butter and Biscoff cookie crust.”


“A blender. I don’t know how I went so long without one. It is perfect for soups and sauces. I’ll never screw up an emulsion again.”


“Acai. Pretty much any ‘superfood’ feels awkward to me, but acai has the added bonus that it tastes terrible too.”

What’s a trending or hyped recipe, ingredient, or cooking-related product you’ve tried because of the internet, and what have been your own experiences with it? Tell us in the comments!