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Trombe air dust cleaner

An innovative new air cleaner was launched this week via Indiegogo and is specially designed to help keep your home or office free of airborne pollutants and dust particles and keep the air around you and your family clean. Most air purifiers on the market have inadequate air intake systems that continuously circulate most dust particles and air pollutants around your home instead of removing them from the air.

Trombe air has set out to fix this problem and has reequipped it Airborne Dust Cleaner with a powerful air intake system that offers improved airflow and filtration compared to others air cleaner on the market. As you may already know, the key function of any air purifier is to draw in contaminated air through the cleaning and purification of the filtration system Removing all particles in the air and expel clean Air into your surrounding space so you can enjoy clean, filtered air. To accomplish this task, the dirty air intake mechanics within the system is one of the most important components of an air cleaning process, but most manufacturers don’t focus on this area and the results speak for themselves.

Trombe air dust cleaner

Trombe powerful air filtration

Very cheap Promises for early booking is now available for the innovative, high-performance air cleaner from Grob $350 or £291 (depending on the current exchange rate)with a significant discount of approx 44% discount the sale price while the Indiegogo crowdfunding is ongoing. You’ll save a significant amount of money compared to the TROMBE’s retail price of $630.

Air Purifier Suction Systems

Unfortunately, most air purifiers simply circulate the air in your room instead of cleaning it of contaminants. This is due to the powerful exhaust fans overwhelming the product intake system built into the air purifier. Just push all the airborne particles across the room. “All fine particles move along the strongest air currents‘ explains Trombe, which unfortunately is usually the air purifier’s exhaust port. To see this in action watch the demonstration video below which tests a selection of the market leaders and their air cleaning properties against the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner.

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Trombe air dust cleaner

“Paradoxically, a higher CADR creates faster and more powerful airflow through the vent. As a result, a majority of the airborne particles that we want to move into the filter bypass the air inlet and instead travel to the air outlet.” stresses Burt from Trombe Air.

To overcome this suction problem, Trombe Air engineers took inspiration from nature and specifically from tornadoes, a powerful rotating column of air. In nature, a tornado creates a difference in air pressure that creates a vacuum-like effect. Trombe has taken this naturally occurring phenomenon and transformed it into a compact and innovative air purification system in the form of the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner, which can filter both small and larger particles such as pollen, mites, mold spores and more from your air.

Trombe air dust cleaner

If the TROMBE crowdfunding campaign successfully meets its required funding goal and the project moves smoothly into the manufacturing and distribution phase, global shipments are expected to occur sometime in December 2022. Learn more about the structure and features of the powerful TROMBE air cleaner Watch the promotional video below.

A worldwide problem

Air pollutants and dust particles affect 300 million people worldwide, but even the most popular air purifiers struggle to clean your air as well as the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner. According to WHO research, poor air quality kills more people in the US than road accidents and is also the leading cause of premature death across Europe.

OSHA estimates that poor indoor air quality costs employers $15 billion annually due to employee inefficiency and sick leave. Contaminated indoor air costs $11.1 million in doctor visits each year. Asthma affects 300 million people worldwide and causes 250,000 deaths annually. In the US alone, asthma is responsible for over 14 million missed school days each year‘ Trombe explains.

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Properties of the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner

Using the natural tornado as inspiration, Trombe Air developed its own proprietary Swirler Vortex Technology (SVT) to replicate the powerful suction vortex in its Airborne Dust Cleaner. This revolutionary technology is able to effortlessly clean large spaces, removing dust, fine particles, allergens, dust mites, pollen and unpleasant odors from the surrounding air. The air purifier is able to absorb even the heaviest dust particles from a greater distance and in spaces 30-40 times larger than a traditional air purifier.

3-stage filter system

Trombe three-stage filter system

The Airborne Dust Cleaner air purifier used atthree-stage filter system consisting of a pre-filter which removes the largest particles and can be removed and washed if necessary. Next a Hybrid activated carbon+catalyst filter and finally a H13 true HEPA filter Offers 99.97% cleaning efficiency to remove dust, particles and VOCs from your air. For overnight use, the air filter also features a soothing night light and a USB port for charging devices overnight, allowing you to reduce both asthma and allergy symptoms while you or your family sleeps.

Trombe organic design

“To overcome this dilemma, we turned to nature for inspiration,” explains Burt. “How does a powerful tornado suck everything into its funnel, even cars?” A tornado’s vortex creates a tremendous pressure differential, creating a vacuum-like effect. TROMBE recreated and miniaturized this vortex to the proportions of a spatial unit and created the revolutionary TROMBE Airborne Dust Cleaner. It uses a powerful vortex in front of the device to capture many more particles, including heavy, capture-resistant particles — like pollen, which trigger most allergic reactions.”

TROMBE vacuum cleaner interior

Air quality visual status

To warn you about the airborne pollutants in your air, the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner features a color warning system which provides easy-to-read visual feedback on air quality and pollutants in your space. The system is calibrated on the basis of world-recognized AQI index and provides the user with real-time indoor air quality readings displayed in colors: blue, green, orange or red depending on the reading. The Airborne Dust Cleaner air purifier’s body design is also unique, reflecting shapes found in nature with branch-like lines that offer a more organic shape compared to the rectangular body designs of other air purifiers.

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Trombe air pollution indicator

For a full list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, additional media, and full specs for the air purifier, head over to the official DRUM Crowdfunding campaign page.

Powerful air purifier 2022

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