TRS Strengthening Social Media Team to Counter Opposition’s Fake Posts

With the elections coming up, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti has decided to put an end to the whole negative campaign against the party and the belligerent government.

As a step in this direction, the pink party is preparing an action plan to strengthen its social media cell. The party’s social media cell is believed to have already spread awareness of the “social media strategy” in 119 constituencies. On the other hand, the party has directed MLAs and officials to identify thousands of activists aware of the use of social media platforms in the constituency.

TRS sources said they will be dealt with at the constituency level once identified. The TRS has recognized that the negative campaigning of the BJP ranks on social media caused significant damage to the party in the Dubbaka and Huzurabad by-elections. There is talk in TRS circles that the ruling party has gained the upper hand in Munugode after analyzing the BJP’s campaign methods via social media and implementing a counter-strategy.

Now the TRS is preparing to prevent any negative impact on the upcoming elections given the possibility of posts against the CM, the family of TRS chief KCR and the leadership of the state government being increased via social media in next year’s general election will.

On the other hand, through the development and welfare programs run by the government, a team is also working on a plan to reach every voter through social media.

In the past, the TRS had also filed complaints against several objectionable posts created by leaders large and small of various opposition parties, starting with the leaders of the BJP at the national level. TRS Social Media Department is working to identify those who post profanity, cartoons, caricatures, morphing photos and videos through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram that adhere to KCR, TRS Working President KTR and other key executives.

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The party has reportedly learned that the BJP and its affiliates are creating posts through social media accounts of individuals and associations with different names in order to create anti-government sentiment. Therefore, the pink party decided to enlist the services of content writers, cartoonists, cartoonists and graphic designers for the preparation of the necessary content to block the BJP’s aggression.

It is reported that some people have already been hired on a salary basis, while others have expressed an interest in volunteering for the party. The TRS has also focused on phasing out the services of certain content creation teams and organizations. These groups provide services by filtering the content coming from the opposition and anti-TRS and creating the content needed to counter the opposition parties.

Telangana CM KCR recently ordered that one officer should be appointed for every hundred voters and his details, including telephone numbers, should be recorded at the Telangana Bhavan. While TRS has 65,000 members statewide, preparations are underway to appoint 2,000 to 3,000 constituency officers.

The TRS social media wing is also preparing to identify thousands of people who are aware of social media use and train them at the constituency level. Training will raise awareness of the measures that can be taken against those who spread false propaganda against the Party under the provisions of the Information Technology Law. The team will also provide training on how to report fake campaigns, obscene comments and morphing photos using the technical capabilities available on social media platforms.

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