Twenty7tec announces second acquisition in 2023

Leading fintech firm Twenty7tec announced today that it has acquired the remaining shares in digital and AI innovator Meet Parker for an undisclosed sum.

Award-winning digital engagement tool Meet Parker is best known for helping businesses convert more leads, sell more policies, and retain more customers through the power of AI. With offices in the UK and the Far East, the company has developed a range of sophisticated, customer-centric solutions that use artificial intelligence to engage with customers, screen questions before finally routing the customer to a qualified advisor, resulting in a near-seamless Transition enabled from marketing and communication to personal advice.

The company has also developed a new solution, COMMUNICATE, an omni-channel marketing solution that will help advisors connect and, more importantly, keep in touch with their existing clients.

This acquisition, which comes just days after announcing that Twenty7tec had acquired mortgage affordability platform Broker Sense, has the potential to transform the way advisors and clients interact at the front line of the advisory process by using technology, and particularly artificial ones intelligence are used. at the heart of the counseling experience.

Under the agreement, the companies are joining forces and bringing together over 120 employees, with existing teams working from London, Bournemouth and the Far East. Twenty7tec plans to fully integrate all of Meet Parker’s solutions into its Velocity platform, allowing advisors in both the wealth and mortgage markets to leverage the latest artificial intelligence technology to improve both client retention and lead generation to increase.

said James Tucker, CEO of Twenty7tec: “Our primary goal is to simplify, streamline and digitize financial services. Over the past eight years, we’ve seen the tremendous benefits that great technology brings to the consulting market. Our acquisition of Meet Parker and bringing their artificial intelligence based technology to all of our users is the obvious next step for us.

“This move will enable advisors to digitalize the lead generation and onboarding of new clients into their business and achieve higher client retention. This is another step towards our plans to revolutionize the mortgage and wealth advice market.”

Freddie Savundra, Founder of Meet Parker said: “Twenty7tec’s earlier acquisition of Bluecoat Software in 2022 demonstrated the company’s commitment to creating a seamless customer journey with best-in-class technology, which is the foundation of what we are trying to achieve here.

“Meet Parker has been a huge success in the financial services market and this acquisition will transform the way those involved in the mortgage and wealth markets communicate with clients. It’s an exciting time for all of us and we’re excited for what the future holds.

“Finally, I would like to thank Phil Bailey who is leaving after helping both Twenty7tec and Meet Parker with their expansion. Phil has been a great ambassador for technology in the intermediate market and we wish him well in his as yet unannounced next venture.”