Twitch star Amouranth wants her AI to put trolls in their place

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from software like the ChatGPT speech processor and the DALL-E image generator to AI chatbots — and now even Twitch streamers are starting to take notice. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of the platform’s biggest stars with over 6.4 million followers, recently hired her own artificial intelligence chatbot to serve, as she put it, “the needs” of fans. She shared with Kotaku via Zoom that she hopes the Amouranth AI will teach her social skills to minimize any stalker behavior lurking in her audience.

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Amouranth, a successful businesswoman (who reportedly now owns a gas station) and creator of OnlyFans, is now able to add “Tech tycoon excited about the future of AI” to her resume. Kotaku caught up with Amouranth — who assured us she’s not her AI counterpart — to talk about AI Amouranth, the creepy behavior of her stream chatters, and how chatbots could alleviate loneliness.

AI Twitch Streamer Chatbots Explained

Amouranth explained how the new AI chatbot, which is now available exclusively through the encrypted messaging platform Telegram, works. Users have to spend IRL money – for example, $5 equals five credits – to receive a message from AI Amouranth, with each minute of the chatbot’s response requiring the corresponding credits from the user end.

“The way it works is that a user leaves a voice message and the [artificial intelligence] The program takes this voice message, converts it to text internally, formulates a text response, and then sends back a voice message to the user with a voice, reproduced by my Twitch streams and my YouTube videos, to try them out I like it and it will respond in a way that I would respond,” Amouranth said. “It says [almost]Exactly what I think, so it’s pretty good.”

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AI Amouranth is a partnership between the hugely popular Twitch streamer and Forever Companion AI, a startup focused on two-way communication between artificial intelligence and real people. While the IRL streamer said in a previous press release that she was excited about the collaboration, she did express her excitement for Kotaku.

“AI is something I knew had been around for a long time,” Amouranth said. “We’re going in that direction. I remember middle school and maybe sixth grade [those] MSN Chatbots. So it just kept progressing [with] Obviously there have been tremendous developments lately. But lately there are a lot of AI apps like we saw the machine learning robot Sophia Android Girl [from 2016 come] on-line. I’ve seen YouTube videos [with] kind of a similar concept [regarding] machine learning. And there are these dating simulator games that we see and I just think the loneliness is at a high level because of our society right now. We are always isolated from each other, especially with the pandemic. [If] It helps people feel less lonely, I think it’s cool. And if people are willing to bond with him or socialize with him, I don’t think that’s harmful. I’ve seen that argument too, but if they know it’s fake then that’s fine. I think it’s harmless.”

While Amouranth knows that some of her viewers are incredibly active in her chat, the vast majority are just relaxing and mostly getting caught up in her streams while doing something else in the background. She’s found that some chatters don’t have adequate social skills – something she thinks AI Amouranth could help with.

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“I think it’s a great way to train social skills for the people who use it, if they can react like a real person would,” Amouranth said. “They see a direct response to their conversation inputs and can learn to adapt in their own way along with the AI ​​to achieve the desired outcome of a conversation. It’s like risk-free cause and effect. And I think very rarely does anyone actually have the space to experiment. I find that very fascinating because in real life, you know [there’s] This usually has repercussions when you screw up a conversation or make a bad impression. But on an AI, you can learn what other people around you generally perceive, what you say, and you can, so to speak, teach yourself how to properly socialize, improve your whole life, as well as improve your networking skills and relationships. That’s why I’m very happy about it.”

AI as a means to combat horror

Amouranth gets incredibly tired of people asking her to “bring a tit,” but something she says fills up her chat fairly regularly. This is one of the reasons she hopes her artificial intelligence chatbot will teach people socialization skills while also putting trolls in their place. However, she also hopes it doesn’t get corrupted by those trolls and instead evolves to respond the way she would.

“A lot of people think I’m like this approachable person,” Amouranth said. “Some of them get needy and really crave attention. So I think having someone 24/7 to talk to whenever you want kind of caters to the parasocial desire to be able to talk to someone. And I think it’s better than talking to the viewers all the time, because when I talk to them, sometimes the less socially-adapted people think there’s some kind of relationship. I’m hoping that some known AI that responds to them might take some of that stalker behavior and just grab their attention without them [any] danger to me. I hope that with this these kinds of needs can be satisfied.”

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This all sounds nice, but without knowing exactly what kind of safeguards Forever Companion AI has allegedly built into its AI chatbots, it’s hard to see how AI Amouranth will interact with the real Amouranth’s fandom. Parasocial relationships are difficult to manage because they are mostly one-sided.

Just look at Twitch’s deepfake scandal earlier this year about the likelihood of well-known streamers being sexualized non-consensually by smart tech losers. However, as technology advances, Amouranth believes that talking to AI chatbots is at least fascinating and can be helpful in some ways.

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So, hey, if you want to train your social skills, AI Amouranth is there – as long as you have the money for it. It may be a replica of the original, but it’s always nice to have a shoulder to lean on – even if it’s artificial.