twitter long form text sharing: Twitter to soon launch long-form text-sharing feature

Elon Musk’s newly acquired microblogging platform Twitter has announced that the application will soon allow users to add long text to their tweets.

Musk said on Twitter, “Twitter will soon add the ability to attach long-form text to tweets, ending the absurdity of scratchpad screenshots.”

He further added that monetization for all types of content by creators will follow

In another cryptic tweet, Elon Musk attacked Twitter’s search function, saying it would get better in the future.

“Searching Twitter reminds me of Infoseek in 1998! That’s going to get a lot better too,” Musk added.

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Twitter previously updated its iOS app for Apple iPhone users, including the new $7.99-per-month Blue subscription.

In the Apple App Store, Twitter writes, “Get Twitter Blue for $7.99/month by signing up now.”

Shortly after the news went viral, Esther Crawford, a product manager at a microblogging site, said the new blue “isn’t live yet.”

“The new Blue isn’t live yet – the sprint to our launch is ongoing, but some people may see us making updates because we test and drive changes in real-time. The Twitter team is legendary. New Blue…coming soon! ” she tweeted.

Twitter also said some of the features are not yet available in the app but will be added soon.

“Coming soon…Half the ads & way better: Because you’re helping Twitter fight the bots, we’ll reward you with half the ads and make them twice as relevant.”

“Post longer videos: Finally you can post longer videos on Twitter. *Priority ranking for high-quality content: Your content is given a priority ranking for replies, mentions and searches. This helps reduce the visibility of scams, spam and bots.. ‘ writes Twitter in the Apple App Store.

Verified Twitter Blue is currently available for iOS in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

On Tuesday, Musk confirmed the reports and announced that the company will charge $8 per month for Twitter’s subscription service with priority on replies, mentions and searches.

“Twitter’s current lords and peasants system for those who may or may not have a blue tick is bullshit. power to the people! Blue for $8/month,” he tweeted.

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