U Mobix Review: Should You Use This Spy App on Android or iOS?

It is your responsibility as parents to protect your children from cyberbullying, internet predators and inappropriate content for as long as possible.

That’s where apps come in, allowing parents to control their kids’ devices. With this kind of apps, you can always know what your kids are doing on their phones or tablets, whether they are making calls or sending text messages, using apps or carrying on the internet.

Here is a complete and detailed review of uMobix, one of the top rated parental control apps for Android and iOS devices.

What made me like uMobix?

The best thing about uMobix is ​​how well it works and how fast it syncs the recorded data to your dashboard. You don’t have to wait more than a few minutes to see what’s going on with the target device. Also, features like tracking your location and a keylogger give me accurate results, which makes me trust this app even more.

What does uMobix not have?

Overall, uMobix is ​​a great app that has everything you need to spy on your crush, spouse, or even your kids. But it doesn’t have geofencing, which could be useful for keeping an eye on your elderly parents or young children.

The remote access feature is also still being worked on. Therefore, it cannot always capture audio or video from the target phone’s microphone or camera.

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What’s special?

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about the features that make uMobix the best parental control app out there.

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Does uMobix work with both iPhone and Android?

A good spy app needs to work with both major smartphone brands. So uMobix spy app can be used with both Android and iOS phones.

uMobix works with all versions of Android running version 4 or higher. And when it comes to iOS, uMobix works with any iOS device, no matter what version it’s running.

I tested the uMobix app on a Samsung M12, an Android device running Android 11.

How to install uMobix on the Android phone you want to use?

If you already know how to install spy apps on Android devices, it will be a piece of cake. And even if you’ve never done it before, I’ll make everything easy for you.

I will give you the best and most detailed information to help you install uMobix successfully.

How do I install uMobix?

Setting up your uMobix account is the first thing to do to keep track of your family. You need to go to the uMobix official website to set up your account.

Clicking on the link will take you to the homepage of the official website. When you go to the uMobix website, you will see TRY NOW in the top right corner.

When you click on it, you will be prompted to enter the email address you want to sign up with. You need the same email id to access the uMobix portal where you can keep an eye on your loved ones remotely.

After you’ve signed in, you’ll need to choose whether your child or spouse is using an Android or iOS device. The device type is selected when you click either Android Phone or Tablet or iOS iPhone or iPad.

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In my case, I was interested in keeping an eye on Android. You must choose a subscription based on the device you are using. After you create an account and choose a uMobix spy software subscription, you will receive an email with your uMobix account login URL, username and password, and a registration code. When you install the uMobix app on the target phone, you will need the registration code.

To log in to the uMobix portal, you need the access data that you received in the e-mail. After you sign up, you will be taken to a page with lots of instructions and the registration code.

Keep this website open and the Android phone you want to track nearby. In order for the installation process to work, you must be able to reach the phone.

This is because Android phones ask for many security permissions that are required when installing the app. If you don’t do these things, you won’t be able to install the spy app at all. Because of this, you must have the phone with you.