[email protected]: Investigating the connection between the University of Ghana and Legon Lodge

The University of Ghana, commonly known as Legon, is one of the most respected and respected universities in Africa. Since its inception in 1948, the university has produced notable figures in Ghana and beyond. However, what many do not know is that Legon was founded on Masonic values, namely wisdom, strength and beauty. This article seeks to explore why these qualities are critical to university success.

First let us examine what these Masonic attributes represent. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and experience to make informed decisions. Strength refers to the ability to withstand physical and mental stress. Beauty in this context means harmony, balance and proportionality.

It is interesting to note that the hill of the university on which it is located is called “Legon”, a Ga term meaning “The Hill of Knowledge”. This name underscores the importance of wisdom that the hill has always represented. In ancient times, the hill served as a secluded and peaceful place for young men to learn the duties of manhood. In addition, novices from the local priesthood went through their novitiate to become full priests and priestesses. The hill also served as a strategic vantage point from which to survey enemy movements and take effective countermeasures.

The hill was seen by the gas not only as a hill of wisdom but also as a tower of strength. In times of conflict, the Ga people retreated to the top of the hill when under pressure, considering it an impregnable bastion. From the protected and commanding position offered by the hill, they were able to repel the attack and put the enemy to flight.

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Today the University of Ghana, Legon, stands on this hill as a testament to its enduring qualities of wisdom, strength and beauty. The campus features stunning buildings surrounded by manicured gardens, lawns and flowering trees of tropical beauty. The open skies, distant forests and mountains form an awe-inspiring panorama that showcases beauty in all its glory.

The founders of the university believed that these attributes were fundamental to creating a world-class institution. Wisdom is critical to academic excellence, as only through the acquisition of knowledge and experience can one make significant contributions to society. Legon values ​​research, critical thinking and problem solving, all of which require wisdom. The university’s motto “Integri Procedamus” translates to “Let us proceed with integrity” and emphasizes the importance of wisdom in academia.

is important for resilience and perseverance as the pursuit of knowledge is a challenging task that requires a lot of effort and determination. Legon recognizes that its students and faculty members must be strong in order to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. The university’s athletic teams are known for their exceptional performances, which demonstrate the physical strength and mental toughness needed to succeed.

After all, beauty is critical to creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. At Legon, the physical environment is carefully curated to create a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere. The architecture, landscaping and artwork are designed to create a sense of balance and proportion. This attention to detail is not only about aesthetics, but also about creating a space that encourages creativity, curiosity and innovation.

In March 1969, 21 years after the founding of the university, a Masonic lodge called “Legon Lodge” was inaugurated. This lodge was the 8266th lodge in the list of lodges of the United Grand Lodge of England. The Lodge was founded with the sole purpose of spreading the gentle philosophy of Freemasonry, embodied in the attributes discussed above, to all alumni and staff of the University. The Lodge had, as its first administration, the following distinguished and distinguished men:

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Judge NA Ollenu
dr CO Easton,
Viktor Owusu
Hon. G. Marshal
I. Ackom Mensah
Prof. JKM Quartey
CC Loko
AOA Hammond
JVL Phillips
Dr. EA Badoe
HCA bully
KA Coleman-Paitoo
Prof. S. La-Anyane
dr CA Ackah
EAK Kalizi
KO Hagan
CE Edwards
GT Anim
dr SA Banful
Prof. CE Fiscian
JM Nani-Nutakor

In summary, the Masonic attributes of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty are deeply rooted in Legon’s culture and philosophy. They are not just empty words or slogans, but fundamental principles that guide the university’s academic pursuits and values. Legon’s founders recognized the importance of these attributes in creating a world-class institution, and their legacy lives on today. Legon continues to produce exceptional graduates who have the knowledge, strength and creativity to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Writer Raymond Acquah is a University of Ghana graduate and the current Inner Guardian of Legon Lodge 8266!

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