UI is hosting an international artificial intelligence conference in November

Depok, West Java (ANTARA) – The University of Indonesia (UI) Faculty of Computer Science is preparing to host the 2023 Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI) on November 17-19, 2023 in Jakarta.

Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Irish Petrus Mursanto, who also serves as general co-chair of PRICAI 2023, stated here Friday that his faculty is proud to be the event’s main host.

Mursanto said the event will provide an opportunity to demonstrate skills in artificial intelligence technology development and research.

Organizing the international conference is a real step for UI’s Faculty of Computer Science as one of the leading educational and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We hope that this international PRICAI conference 2023 will generate new ideas and solid collaboration between the Computer Science Department of UI and researchers, practitioners, industries and user communities, especially in the field of AI,” he noted.

The event takes place online and offline and includes hundreds of participants from countries in Asia-Pacific, as well as countries in Europe, America and Africa.

The first edition of PRICAI was held in Japan in 1990 with the aim of promoting the development of science and technology, particularly in the Pacific Rim countries.

The conference evolved and since 2019 has become an annual international conference.

For the 2023 edition, PRICAI aims to become an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, educators, users of artificial intelligence and relevant communities to discuss theories, technologies, applications and current issues in the field of artificial intelligence.

Participants can engage in in-depth intellectual discourses, develop potential research collaborations, and improve their professional skills in the field of artificial intelligence.

PRICAI 2023 will be a major event, especially for the UI Faculty of Computer Science, which is primarily associated with the development of AI as an intensively researched domain.

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Translated by: Feru Lantara, Raka Adji
Publisher: Rahmad Nasution