University of Doha for Science and Technology organises ‘UDST’s Got Talent’

* The University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) organized a talent night called UDST’s Got Talent.

The event brought together the university’s students, faculty and staff to compete and celebrate the diversity and talents of the UDST community in various performing arts.
This year’s competition featured more than 50 contestants who took part in 19 performances that enthralled audiences, from group and solo musical performances and dances to magic tricks, stand-up comedy and more. UDST’s Got Talent is a night organized by Student Engagement, a division of Student Affairs, which aims to encourage students to develop and use their skills and abilities in a fun and lively way outside of the academic framework. Many of the musical participants were
Members of the music club of the UDST.
dr Salem Al-Naemi, President of UDST, said, “At UDST, we aim to provide all of our students with a unique experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. There is no doubt that attending university is an opportunity to gain knowledge and build a promising career, but it is also a great opportunity for students to discover their skills, socialize, develop their personality and make friends . This event is part of many activities that take place on campus throughout the year to create a healthy and vibrant environment for the students. I would like to congratulate the three winners and I look forward to witnessing the continued success of all our artists and to applaud their commitment to all art forms.”
The ceremony ended with the announcement of the top three performers: third place went to pianist Asma Bin Ghazal, second place went to Indo-Pak Dance Group, while the winner was the group of singers and instrumentalists, the “Miscreants”. .
The UDST recently announced the opening of applications for the 2023 winter semester. Applicants have until November 3 to register online via the website. “UDST has carefully planned its programs and approach to education to maximize the benefit to its students. The university gives them the opportunity to engage in a critical and integrative learning experience through simulated environments and workplace training to gain a deeper experience in their field
study and graduate with employable skills,” read a press release.
UDST offers nearly 60 programs across its five colleges: College of Engineering Technology, College of Business Management, College of Computing and Information Technology, College of Health Sciences, and College of General Education.
At UDST, both Qatari citizens and children of Qatari women are exempt from tuition fees for all undergraduate courses. This decision, announced in 2020 by the UDST Board of Trustees, gave these students the opportunity to study at the university and benefit from a world-class applied education. The total number of students recorded for the fall semester is more than 6,000.