Unleash potential: These startups harness the power of deep technology

NEW DELHI: India’s growth as a top 3 ecosystem for startups is due to its thriving entrepreneurial community, innovative mindset and widespread adoption of digital technologies. Deep tech startups are organizations focused on using advanced new age technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data scienceQuantum computing, robotics and much more.
Research-based disruptive innovations are at the core of deep tech startups that emerge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Laboratories of research institutions. These companies aim to solve critical problems and challenges.
The Indian government has recognized these developments and launched initiatives such as the Atal New India Challenge, which is a platform to promote innovation centers, startup companies and other areas driven by technological development. Such startups have grown by 53% over the past decade and make up 12% of the entire startup ecosystem. This has further placed India’s deep tech ecosystem on par with the developed economies of the US, China, Israel and Europe with some 500 companies offering patented solutions, accelerating India’s quest to become a global tech powerhouse.
Deep tech startups provide cross-industry solutions such as healthcare, defense, space, BFSI, education and more. They simplify complex operations like automation and cybersecurity for customers and businesses. Deep tech can also be found in agriculture, banking, education, transportation, logistics, environmental engineering, aviation, life sciences, and more. These startups have created jobs for over 4,000 people in 14 potential unicorns, with growth expected to double by 2026.
Using technology, data science and design to improve business performance, Xelpmoc theme is a deep tech startup founded in 2015 that offers a wide range of services including web application development, prototypes, thematic products, and data science and analytical support that help companies identify opportunities, optimize business processes, differentiate themselves from competitors stand out and become future-proof with the latest technology. Xelpmoc’s product, X-Pand, helps retail businesses identify high-potential locations, taking into account all relevant data points, while using advanced machine learning algorithms to provide real-time insights.
Sandipan ChattopadhyayMD & CEO, Xelpmoc, said: “Technology has changed the rules of conduct of companies in a number of ways, making brands more efficient and improving the method of identifying optimization opportunities. This is due to end-to-end technology solutions such as technology products and integrated solutions and infrastructure management services”,
“Business opportunities are driven by analyzing large amounts of unstructured data through data science and machine learning, resulting in improved performance, goal achievement and progress towards short- and long-term goals. These solutions and industries fall under the category “Deep Tech Optimization,” which brings cutting-edge technology from the lab to the market to address global challenges with better connectivity and stronger local ecosystems, Chattopadhyay added.
With the advancing wave of digitization, it is imperative for companies to become part of the digital revolution. However, 78% of companies struggle to outsource their digital business needs. Expand My Business, India’s first managed B2B digital services platform, focuses on delivering business solutions for IT development, marketing services and deep tech support. Expand My Business was founded in 2018 and is based in Gurgaon. It identified the growing digital service needs of companies, be it an SME, a startup or a large corporation, offering services such as mobile app development, games, development, branding and UI/UX design, 2D & 3D video animation, digital marketing and much more. The startup has covered areas like banking and finance, education and learning, fashion and lifestyle, logistics, transportation, real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, and a host of others.
Nishant Behl, Founder and CEO of Expand My Business, said: “With increasing digitization across all sectors, there is a massive need for a marketplace to serve a brand’s needs. Along the way, the biggest challenge for brands remains finding a credible provider for their various IT and digital marketing needs. Over 86% of companies struggle with outsourcing their digital business needs, in such a scenario, Marketplace offers a one-stop platform that Helps brands find credible IT and marketing partners for all their needs. These solution providers not only meet business needs, but accelerate their overall growth trajectory. With over 1500 verified agencies and partners with cross-industry expertise, EMB strives to enable this growth for companies worldwide in 2023. “
Another deep tech startup serving the Aadhar ecosystem is Syntizen. It provides innovative, world-class, technology-driven solutions for state governments and private companies, enabling them with digital partner services, grant management systems, attendance solutions, offline e-KYC and much more. Syntizen enables institutions and organizations to onboard clients with seamless identity checks and ensures efficient delivery of government services.
The global business landscape is evolving rapidly and the need for digital transformation remains constant around the world.
Noventiq, a leading global solution and service provider for digital transformation and cybersecurity, enables this special transformation and simplification for over 75,000 companies around the world and connects customers with over a hundred world-class IT providers. The company helps organizations to transform themselves in an increasingly digital economy and to work efficiently and securely. The ongoing impact of digitization has also transformed communications for several businesses, providing an enhanced customer experience to improve engagement with brands. By integrating multiple communication platforms to leverage intelligent conversational AI, Haptik helps brands create and deliver seamless experiences so customers can find the right information through the channel of their choice. Haptik’s innovative technology also helps businesses gain real-time insights into call data to achieve scalable reliability and performance, fueling overall business growth.
Swapan Rajdev – Co-Founder and CTO – Haptik said that deep technology is becoming more and more important in many industries and its future looks exceptionally bright. To ensure the sustainable growth of the start-up ecosystem in India, companies need to focus on adopting deep technology while ensuring their use is maximized. After all, it is the relentless emergence of new technologies that drive our progress! By leveraging advanced technologies like conversational commerce, Haptik helps Indian unicorns become globally competitive in the deep tech sector. Our state-of-the-art solutions have enabled various businesses to survive and thrive in this ever-changing landscape.
With the advancement of technologies such as 5G, understandable AI, quantum computing, cloud-native technology, customer data platforms, etc., the future of deep tech looks bright. By addressing challenges such as funding, talent, market access and research advisory, deep tech has the potential to play a major role in India’s goal of becoming a $5 trillion economy and to make a huge impact across industries.