UPCOP app usage: Plaints, requests to police rise 14 times in four years

People are now increasingly relying on the Uttar Pradesh Police Force’s citizen application – the UPCOP app – to not only register FIRs for crimes ranging from looting and theft, but even to obtain receipts for employees, tenants and domestic workers instead to go physically to police stations for that.

Over the past four years, people’s trust in Uttar Pradesh seems to have increased as UPCOP app usage data shows up to a 14-fold increase in some requests. Since the mobile app monitoring is also done from Lucknow, the results of requests made through the app are also resolved more quickly.

“Awareness of the use and benefits of UPCOP has increased significantly since its inception, and more and more people are now using it,” said SSP, Prayagraj, Shailesh Kumar Pandey. Uttar Pradesh Police had launched the UPCOP mobile citizen service app to help the common man. It can be downloaded from any mobile app via Google Play Store or iPhone.

Inquiries from eFIR registration about viewing and downloading FIRs, registering lost items, accessing stolen or recovered vehicle details, reporting misconduct or traffic accidents, requesting a character certificate, renter verification, domestic help verification and verification of employees can be done through the UPCOP session right at home and then track the request status through final completion.

Even submitting procession requests or obtaining permission to protest or strike and host an event, access bounty details including photos of criminals, locate unidentified body details, photos of missing persons and even apply for a filming permit can all be done through them App take place.

Also in Prayagraj people have trust in UPCOP. From reporting mobile theft to cybercrime, eFIR requests are made online. As for the entire state, awareness among the population has increased. The number of online complaints and requests filed for some services increased 14-fold between 2019 and 2022.

In 2019, 3,89,150 people reported lost items. At the same time, this figure has reached over 5.23 lakh in the fourth year. More than 1.12,000 people used UPCOP to register eFIRs in 2022, up from 17,495 in 2019 – a nearly 6.5x increase over the past four years. There has been a significant increase in home help vetting requests, which totaled just 808 in 2019 and rose to 11,609 on October 22, 2022, a 14-fold increase.

However, the most significant usage of UPCOP remains in downloading already registered FIRs with 9,88,277 in its first year in 2019 and a number of 42,28,934 in 2021, although the number has already reached 80,36,451 in 2022 – via eight The Times have increased over the last four years – with more than two months to go until the end of the year.