US-based app Collyge launches this week as a TikTok replacement for college students

Available by invitation only during the beta launch on the ios store

MIAMI & NEW YORK & WASHINGTON & LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Connyct, Inc., a US-based mobile-first technology platform, today announced the beta launch of US-based Collyge mobile short form video creation with synchronized music. Collyge allows students with an .edu email account to connect, create and share mobile short videos.

The launch comes amid growing security and privacy concerns on TikTok. Collyge is committed to user privacy and exclusive to the college community. All user data is stored on servers in the USA (AWS).

Ian Gunther, CEO of Collyge, a Stanford graduate student, UI/UX designer, world-class gymnast and popular social media commentator on gymnastics-related topics, said: “Collyge creates an environment where my fellow students at the university can feel safe and private Wise people can make contacts with short videos – just like they are used to from TikTok. Collyge’s key features are designed with students in mind while protecting users from prying eyes. Most importantly, we do not monetize Collyge user data; we keep them private. It’s all easy.”

Connyct, Inc. has been developing Collyge for the past two years, refining its back-end technology and user experience while enhancing its security and privacy features.

Key features and functions of Collyge include:

Data is encrypted and stored exclusively on servers in the USA. Sensitive user data is never saved. Only publicly available information is tracked to generate relevant content. Each user can set their privacy levels manually on the app settings page. Keystrokes are not logged.

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With these additional features, Collyge offers a TikTok alternative focused on protecting students and allowing them to connect securely and privately across multiple app communication and networking features, including short-form videos, direct messages, group messages, images, and polls .

Collyge student users can also access campus and student specific information such as class groups, campus news and resources.

Collyge is currently available by invitation only during the beta phase, and will be rolled out college by college over the coming weeks and months.

Conniect, Inc

Connyct, Inc., is a US-based mobile-first technology platform enabling both short videos and live streaming with planned built-in e-commerce capabilities to enable social connections and, in the future, social selling. Connyct’s focus is on developing bespoke apps that target social media niches and ensure users see content relevant to them. With additional features to be rolled out within Collyge in the coming months, plus the future launch of Connyct verticals such as Fytness (for the fitness community) and Fashyn (focused on fashion with integrated e-commerce), Connyct is ready be a social leader.

Warren Cohn, CEO of Connyct, stated, “I created Connyct to build amazing social communities that connect individuals in a safe and private way.” Mr. Cohn added, “Collyge enables students to connect safely with one another step in without fear of others, such as parents or future employers, interfering. With TikTok banned on campuses across the country, we intend to be a safe short video replacement for consumption and built in the US. We are committed to protecting the privacy of college students and all users on our future platforms.”

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About Ian Gunther, CEO of Collyge

Ian Gunther is a Stanford MS candidate with a BS in Product Design. He has three years of experience as a product designer for startups. Ian is also a Stanford varsity team gymnast, a 3-time NCAA champion, a former US National Team member, and a world-class gymnast. He is a popular content creator aiming to promote men’s gymnastics and has amassed over a million and a half followers across social media platforms.

About Warren Cohn, CEO of Connyct

Warren H. Cohn originally founded HeraldPR, a NYC-based PR agency, in 2012 from the comfort of his parents’ couch. At just 24, Warren broke his “wall,” a mental block that keeps most from realizing their greatest dreams. He envisioned a company that invests in its customers, performs at its best every day, and has a collaborative atmosphere. Now, Cohn’s startup company has expanded from the comforts of his childhood home into new cities and departments. During the years of HeraldPR’s success, Cohn teamed up with longtime friend and SEO expert Matthew Berman to found Emerald Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency. Warren joined Connyct in January 2023 after leaving the companies he founded to make a TikTok alternative to protect users a reality.

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