US News Today: Is Disinformation Rising?

ChatGPT caused a worldwide stir when it was released last year because it can create essays, songs, exams and even news articles from short prompts – Copyright AFP STR

The spread of misinformation/disinformation continues to permeate US society and issues regularly appear in the news. The Blackbird.AI team follows the influence of external forces on the news output as an example.

The company’s CEO, Wasim Khaled, provided the Digital Journal with some current trends regarding misinformation/disinformation stories. Khaled is a member of the US State Department’s Social Intelligence Lab and Global Engagement Center.

In the past, Khaled has consulted and advised government agencies and Fortune 500 companies on the risks and how to mitigate the escalating information warfare. Khaled’s examples are:

Pro-Moscow voices attempted to steer the debate over the Ohio train disaster

A new AP report highlights the spread of misleading claims by anonymous pro-Russian accounts that began shortly after a train derailed and toxic chemical spilled in Ohio last month, using Twitter’s new verification system to expand their reach expand.

According to Khaled, this shows how any attention-grabbing event can become the next superknot of misinformation, conspiracies, and geopolitical attacks on any brand, person, or policy.

The US threatens to ban TikTok if Chinese owners don’t sell shares

The head of the National Security Agency told Congress he was concerned about TikTok being used for foreign influence. This raises concerns that TikTok could be used for sophisticated disinformation campaigns by threat actors or as political soccer, as well as previous campaigns the team has already tracked.

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OpenAI CEO warns that AI like ChatGPT could cause disinformation

OpenAI’s CEO told ABC News that regulators and society need to be involved in artificial intelligence technology because large learning models like ChatGPT could be used for large-scale disinformation. Who controls the narrative?

Khaled says that Blackbird.AI’s RAV3N is a generative AI tool that uses large language models to counteract the manipulated information ecosystem and understand it faster to give teams and analysts a chance against threat actors – it actively tracks disinformation campaigns and can comment how artificial it is Intelligence plays a bigger role.

Misinformation targeting black voters is on the rise

Russian activists continue to use social media to discourage black Americans from voting and subtly plant racist content to fuel interracial conflict. These campaigns become even more prevalent near election time.

Silicon Valley Bank

The bank, which served nearly half of all US venture-backed startups, will now go down in US history as the second-largest bank, penalizing future startups. Wasim is available to discuss how this event opened up a clear attack vector for threat actors to impact financial institutions and a country’s overall economy via an online narrative-driven bank run.