VantagePoint used artificial intelligence to predict banking trends a month ahead

Using its advanced predictive analytics technology, VantagePoint was able to identify patterns and anomalies in financial data that indicated imminent market turbulence.

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vantagepoint AI ( is the software company that developed the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) trading software available to retail investors and traders.

This highly effective software, used by over 35,000 traders worldwide, has successfully predicted the current downtrend of the banking industry in advance through the use of artificial intelligence.

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VantagePoint’s AI predictions were spot on when it came to the banks that closed and stopped trading, as well as the banks that are still trading.

What will go down in the history books of the banking industry is also a key achievement for this technology.

VantagePoint located the SVB Financial Group (SIVB) stock reversal over a month ago as shown in Figure 1 below.

In addition, US Bancorp (USB) was also forecast by VantagePoint’s artificial intelligence a month ago as shown in Figure 2.

VantagePoint Software’s AI identifies the hidden drivers of global markets and performs advanced forms of linear and non-linear pattern recognition using patented intermarket analysis.

The technology then uses a second patented process to generate predictive technical indicators capable of predicting market changes up to 3 days in advance. Most other trading tools and technical indicators have not evolved and continue to focus only on past price data that tends to lag immensely.

“Over forty years ago, my father, Louis Mendelsohn, founded this company to help independent traders compete in the financial markets,” said Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI. “He knew that a computer can analyze data better and faster than any human. Today, the artificial intelligence of our software can predict the market better than any human using big data and statistical probabilities.”

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About Vantagepoint AI, LLC. Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Fla., VantagePoint software forecasts stocks, futures, forex, options, cryptocurrencies and ETFs with a proven accuracy of up to 87.4%.

VantagePoint’s patented artificial intelligence processes predict changes in market trend direction up to three days in advance, giving traders insight into optimal times to trade. Founded over 40 years ago, Vantagepoint AI is a second generation family business employing over 80 team members and having resellers in more than 120 countries. The Company is actively involved in giving back to the Tampa Bay community by regularly donating a portion of proceeds to Shriners Hospitals for Children and The Children’s Cancer Center, as well as other charities.

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