Verizon caters to those switching with a new unlimited welcome discount

Verizon is making some small adjustments to its cheapest unlimited plan in its latest offering to attract new users. The carrier has announced that it will be offering a “limited time” offer that will drop the price of its Welcome Unlimited plan by $5 per month, making it better in line with competitor T -Mobile is comparable. The new deal starts on Friday.

In addition to the lower price, Verizon notes that those who take advantage of this offer get a “three-year price guarantee.” T-Mobile has touted its own “price lock” promise that it won’t increase plan prices on a variety of its recent plans.

Verizon’s change is available to new users of Welcome Unlimited. The following tariffs apply as part of the offer (assuming automatic payments and paperless billing are set up):

  • 1 line: $60 per month (up from $65)
  • 2 lines: $50 per line per month (from $55 per line per month)
  • 3 lines: $35 per line per month (up from $40 per line per month)
  • 4+ lines: $25 per line, per month (starts at $30 per line, per month for four lines)

Offer not valid for existing Welcome Unlimited users. If you have Welcome Unlimited now, stick with the rate you have. However, if you have Welcome Unlimited and want to add a line, the new line – and only the new line – will be discounted at the price above.

First introduced in July, the Welcome Unlimited plan, is Verizon’s answer to T-Mobile’s cheaper Essentials and Base Essentials plans. It comes with unlimited talk, text, and data, but there aren’t any perks like the free Disney Bundle (Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu), and it comes with a handful of other limitations worth keeping in mind.

For one, all lines on the account must be on that plan — you can’t “mix and match” lines on a family plan, which would have allowed you to get perks like the Disney bundle from one line while also getting cheaper prices for the others. With Welcome Unlimited there are no discounts when upgrading to new phones. You must bring your own device or pay full price for the upgrade.

And while you get unlimited calls, text, and data, those on Welcome Unlimited don’t have access to Verizon’s fastest 5G variant (what the carrier calls “5G Ultra Wideband”) and don’t get mobile hotspot access.

The new offering comes as Verizon seeks to reverse a string of poor results that have seen customers flee its network to other providers. The carrier was busy increase prices At the beginning of the year, and the clients left as a result. In the last quarter The network operator reported a loss of 189,000 wireless postpaid phone users.