Verizon is expanding its $25 home internet offering to its older plans

Verizon is getting a little more aggressive in its attempts to expand its home Internet base. On Friday, the carrier expands its offer, which lowers the price to its own 5G home internet and 4G LTE home internet options to just $25 a month for more customers than those subscribing to the latest and most expensive unlimited options, CNET has learned.

The new deal, which takes effect tomorrow and is available for a “limited time,” will open up the discount for any Verizon postpaid user who pays at least $30 a month for service on one of their Verizon wireless lines . This includes those who have cheaper or older Verizon plans, ranging from the carrier’s cheaper unlimited plans (like 5G Start or Welcome Unlimited) to older shared data plans that are several years old.

The discount lets you add Verizon’s 5G home internet for $25 per month, or half the regular rate (with automatic payments enabled). There are no additional data caps or speed caps, and you can still take advantage of Verizon’s 10-year price guarantee on this lower plan. Other perks, like the free gift card deals the carrier offered to new users, also still apply.

However, Verizon prepaid users are not eligible for the offer and to qualify you must also be a new Verizon Home Internet customer. The carrier tells CNET that existing home internet and wireless users should check the deals section in the My Verizon app to see what options and discounts are available to them.

If you’re on a family plan where everyone doesn’t live in the same location, you can sign up for multiple 5G home or 4G LTE home internet options at discounted rates, as long as all addresses can get the services. Verizon says it offers home wireless Internet to over 40 million homes, although you’ll need to check your address on its website to see if it’s available where you live.

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For those living in an area where Fios is available, network operator tells CNET it will be adding the wired broadband option to the offering next week.

Verizon’s move closely follows a match by rival T-Mobile, which Earlier this month, a similar discount began to dangle on home broadband for those who already subscribed to its wireless phone services. Like Verizon, T-Mobile lowered the fee for its 5G home internet service to $25 per month as long as you were an existing T-Mobile WiFi subscriber who didn’t already or recently have home broadband from the carrier.

Matt Coakley, Verizon’s vice president of marketing strategy and segment planning, says the carrier is “aware” of T-Mobile’s deal, but noted that with this offer, the carrier “just wanted to make sure they got a little extra savings.” . A little more holiday cheer this year.”