Video of woman being attacked by tiger goes viral, internet reaction

On the Internet we come across videos that completely shock us. One of the hottest viral videos on social media is about encounters between animals and humans. It can be as heartwarming as a human rescuing an animal from trouble, or something as frightening as an animal attacking a human. Today’s video shows the latter. It shows a woman being attacked by a tiger.

The footage shows a woman and a tiger in an enclosed compound. In many countries like Dubai and Thailand, tourists are allowed to pet wild animals like tigers. However, although these animals are specially trained and tamed, there is still some risk involved. In this video we see the woman lovingly stroking the tiger on the head. Suddenly the tiger becomes aggressive, pounces on the woman and grabs her by the elbow.

Without losing her composure, the woman tries to push the wild animal away as gently as possible so as not to injure herself. She continues to pet the tiger while the animal wraps its paws around her legs and refuses to let go. It takes a few attempts to bite the woman, and eventually she manages to bite her jeans.

No matter how many times the woman gently pushes the tiger away from her, the wild animal keeps trying to bite her. Although the woman dealt with the disastrous situation quite bravely, she seemed visibly uncomfortable and scared. The video ends quite abruptly with the tiger biting the woman’s hand while the woman motions for someone to help her.

As soon as the video surfaced online, social media users reacted to it. Many have criticized the woman for her stupidity in petting a tiger, while some have praised her bravery. “Calmly and collectively. “Glad she didn’t panic,” one user estimated. “First of all… Don’t have a pet tiger… Try a goldfish!” advised another. “Damn, no. It’s all cute fun and games until one day the tiger decides to get serious and turn his back on her,” read one comment.

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Initial publication: Jun 7, 2023 1:45 PM IST

Last updated: June 7, 2023 1:45 PM IST