Virtual reality company Sandbox VR opens facility in Dublin – The Irish Times

Virtual reality experiences company Sandbox VR will open an entertainment facility in Dublin featuring a robot bartender named Toni.

The company already operates in 40 cities worldwide and its planned opening in Ireland is confirmed in planning documents submitted to Dublin City Council, which indicate that Sandbox VR will be a leisure and recreation unit on Dawson Street in Dublin with capacity for 120 customers will open.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, most centers of Sandbox VR are based in the United States. The Dublin center will be only the fourth opening in Europe.

Sandbox VR’s early investors include Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

Kells ICAV has recently completed its seven-story mixed-use project at the corner of Nassau Street and Dawson Street and is seeking planned changes, including changing the use of two permitted and built ground floor and basement retail units for leisure and recreational use, so that the sandbox investment can continue.

According to a planning report by planning firm Declan Brassil & Co, “The Sandbox VR system provides an immersive and full-body virtual reality experience using advanced wireless haptic hardware and real-time motion tracking/capture technology coupled with software and operating systems.”

Describing Sandbox VR as “a global leader in location-based virtual reality (LBVR) entertainment,” Mr Brassil said what is proposed “is unique in Ireland and reflects the mix of uses in the completed building and the variety and attractiveness of the leisure offerings will improve.” and leisure facilities in the wider city center by day and night”.

Mr Brassil said that Sandbox VR currently offers guests seven high-quality VR experiences to choose from, including two zombie-slayer experiences (Deadwood Mansion and its sequel Deadwood Valley) and two sci-fi experiences (Uber Sky 2088 and Star Trek: Discovery). . ); a fantasy experience (Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire); a player-versus-player/team-versus-team combat experience (Unbound Fighting League); and a pirate adventure experience (Curse of Davy Jones) that is particularly suited to families with younger children.

The planning report states that the Sandbox VR experience would employ around 20 people and that Sandbox VR is particularly popular with groups of friends aged 25-35, tourist groups, families with children aged 11 and over, and some sort of corporate event.

Mr Brassil said the sandbox VR experience will also include additional licensed bar areas in the guest lounge, including two planned bars at the Dublin branch, with the second featuring Toni the robot bartender.