LOWA: 7 Hiking Trails for Iowa

A beautiful Midwestern state, Iowa is home to numerous scenic hiking trails. But most people are not aware of these ways.

It’s often assumed that Iowa is just plains and cornfields, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Iowa offers many wonderful places to hike, including rolling hills and waterfalls.

This is the perfect list for anyone looking to do some nature hikes in Iowa.

Iowa is home to many beautiful state parks, some with hiking trails.

A backpack and a few essentials are all you need to enjoy amazing hiking experiences in Iowa.

Loess Hills State Forest

LOWA: The Loess Hills State Forest is located in west central Iowa. It covers 11266 hectares. This park is great for hiking in Iowa.

This state forest offers unique camping and hiking opportunities in an area found nowhere else in Iowa.

The Loess Hills are home to many interesting things, such as rare plants, prairie walks, and dramatic ridges. This area is ideal for your Iowa hiking adventure.

Loess Hills State Forest offers a variety of Iowa hiking trails perfect for families or primitive camping experiences.

Prepare Canyon State Park

LOWA: This 344-acre state park offers scenic hilltop views, backcountry hiking trails, and picnic areas.

Winding through hills and valleys, this Iowa trail leads to a nature study site where you can enjoy primitive camping.

You should wear sturdy walking shoes as the park has a lot of uneven terrain and loose soil.

This state park also has an interesting history. It was once a Mormon settlement until it was sold to Iowa.

Canyon State Park, Iowa’s top hiking destination, has an interesting history and unique landscape.

Dunning’s Spring Park

LOWA: Dunnings Spring Park in Iowa is a great place to hike.

This popular hiking spot in Iowa is Decorah’s family-friendly park near the Ice Cave.

Enjoy a leisurely day of hiking in Iowa to reach a breathtaking waterfall.

For stunning views of the falls, there are many hiking trails to follow.

Effigy Mounds National Monument

LOWA: Effigy Mounds National Monument in Harpers Ferry, Iowa is another place to enjoy day hikes in Iowa.

This park is one of four in Iowa. It is also one of our most popular national parks.

The park features a 14-mile trail that takes you through beautiful vistas and more than 200 sacred images.

The Eagle Rock Trail, which runs 7 miles in Iowa, is a wonderful hiking trail that lets you admire the beautiful Mississippi River and great rock outcroppings.

You can hike along the limestone cliffs to learn more about the hills. While you’re there, take in the amazing flora and fauna.

Maquoketa Caves State Park

LOWA: Maquoketa Caves State Park offers you a unique and exciting way to hike through Iowa.

This park features 15 small caves connected by walkways or bridges.

Hiking is an enjoyable and challenging way to explore the caves.

Another cave to explore is the Natural Bridge Cave, which is 50 feet tall. Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable hiking experience with the amazing limestone formations in these caves.

Bellevue State Park

LOWA: Another excellent hiking trail in Iowa is in Bellevue State Park, known for its archeology and natural beauty.

It’s a popular hiking spot in Iowa. You can see the Mississippi River from the lookouts.

Throughout the park you will find 7 miles of trails that will take you through diverse landscapes.

These trails will take you to all parts of the park: from prairies to river trails to primitive lime kilns.

The Nelson Unit Trail leads to the Butterfly Garden. There you will find 60 species of butterflies and perennial flowers.

Because of this, Bellevue State Park is a great place to hike in Iowa.

Cedar Rapids Palisades State Park

LOWA: If you are looking for an enjoyable hiking trail in Iowa, Palisadeskepler State Park, Cedar Rapids is a great choice.

This Iowa State Park is located on the banks of the Cedar River. While hiking the trails you can enjoy beautiful views of deep gorges or majestic cliffs, as well as a wide variety of wildlife.

It has 5 miles of trails that take you through diverse forest habitats as well as wildlife.

If you take a spring hike, you will find a wide variety of wildflowers.

After hiking, you can go fishing on the Cedar River, camp at one or more of the campgrounds, and rent a cottage for a quiet, peaceful stay in the park.

Palisades Kepler State Park is a wonderful place to hike in Iowa.

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