Volo Internet + Tech Teams with Connectbase to Expand its Digital Ecosystem, Revenue Potential and Partnership Opportunities

Volo will use Connectbase’s connectivity buying and selling platform to support its broadband initiatives in underserved and unserved communities in the Midwest

BOSTON, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — connectbaseThe Industry Cloud for Connectivity announces this Volo Internet + Techa provider of reliable, affordable, high-speed Internet access to underserved and unserved communities in the Midwest, is now a part of The Connected World platform.

The Connected World is Connectbase’s cloud-based SaaS platform for buyers and sellers of connectivity. As part of The Connected World digital ecosystem Volo will better address and support residential and business customers who live and work in broadband-poor markets. Importantly, Connectbase’s location-based insights inform Volo which markets have the greatest need. This, in turn, will help the company develop the insights and business plans needed to secure critical funding and meet the broadband needs of these communities faster.

“The Connected World platform will serve as an important window into who needs us most,” comments Jason Young, Sales and Marketing Director at Volo Internet + Tech. “The connected world will give us the market insights we need to help us raise the finance needed to grow our broadband infrastructure and partnerships. Crucially, it will enable us to target directly those who need us most – the underserved and unserved. This is paramount to our mission to deliver life-changing broadband services and the opportunities broadband brings to the communities that need it most. We’re delighted to have Connectbase in our corner.”

The connected world brings buyers and sellers together, connecting over 1.4 billion locations in 147 countries today and growing faster than any other connectivity ecosystem on the market. The buyers generate millions of offers per month, what about 14 billion dollars in spending on global connectivity. The strength of the connection has never been more important as the digital economy does not function without the right underlying connectivity. Connectbase and its ecosystem partners, such as Voloenable the world to work, learn and live in the digital age.

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“The Connected World ecosystem is more than just a network procurement platform,” comments Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase. “The visibility of our partner network, combined with our ecosystem of buyers and sellers, deep location-based insights and automation creates an environment to complete connectivity requests and orders quickly and cost-effectively. But it also provides business insights to go-to-market assistance with grant development and critical financial planning. The Connected World is a groundbreaking platform that supports a number of critical requirements. We are very pleased to welcome you Volo and to support their mission.”

To learn more about Connectbase, visit www.connectbase.com.

About Connectbase
Connectbase is the industry cloud for connectivity. The Connected World platform displays detailed and trusted location-based insights and allows users to use those insights to automate buying and selling processes on the network. Visit Connectbase at www.connectbase.com and follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/connectbase-us/.

About Volo Internet + Tech
Volo Broadband was founded in 2001 to provide fast, affordable and reliable alternative Internet access to the Internet Champaign County Region. The locally based company offers premium broadband Internet access, including an always-on ultra-high-speed connection, as well as exceptional customer service and ease of use, all at lower prices than the competition.

SOURCE Connectbase