VoxelSensors and OQmented cooperate on Laser

BRUSSELS, Belgium and ITZEHOE, Germany, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VoxelSensors, the inventors of Switching Pixels®, a revolutionary 3D perception technology, and OQmented, the technology leader in MEMS-based AR/VR display and 3D sensor solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership. The collaboration focuses on system integration and commercialization of a high-performance 3D perception system for AR/VR/MR and XR devices. Both companies will demonstrate this system and their technologies during CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

change pixels® solves major 3D perception challenges for AR/VR/MR/XR devices. The solution is based on Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology to deliver accurate and reliable 3D capture without compromising power consumption, data latency or size. VoxelSensors’ patented key technologies ensure optimal operation under all lighting conditions and with simultaneous systems. Their new sensor architecture offers asynchronous tracking of an active light source or pattern. Instead of capturing frames, each pixel within the sensor array generates an event only when it detects active light signals with a repetition rate of up to 100MHz.

This system is made possible by OQmented’s unique Lissajous scanning pattern: unlike raster scanning, which works line by line to complete an image, Lissajous trajectories scan much faster and are created very energy-efficiently. You can capture complete scenes and fast movements significantly faster and require less data processing. This makes this particular technique essential to the low latency and power efficiency of the combined perception system.

“Partnering with VoxelSensors is a great opportunity to unlock the potential of Lissajous laser beam scanning for 3D perception in lightweight augmented reality glasses,” said Ulrich Hofmann, Co-CEO/CTO and co-founder of OQmented. “We’re proud to deliver the world’s most efficient scanning solution, enabling our partner’s amazing products and taking us one step closer to our goal of empowering product developers to build powerful yet stylish AR glasses.”

“At VoxelSensors we wanted to revolutionize the perception industry. Innovation in our field has been focused on computing for too long, when there is so much efficiency to be gained by working at the frontiers of photonics and physics. Combined with the OQmented technology, we are able to transform the industry and enable a strong societal impact in multiple industries such as augmented and virtual reality,” explains Johannes Peeters, Founder and CEO of VoxelSensors. “The merging of the physical and virtual worlds will create amazing consumer experiences and productivity gains in the corporate world.”

This collaboration between two fabless deep-tech semiconductor startups demonstrates Europe’s ability to innovate in the race to produce next-gen technologies for AR/XR/VR and many other applications. These are critical to Europe’s strategic goal of increasing its market share in semiconductors through key contributions from fabless companies in the EU under the European chip law.

About voxel sensors

VoxelSensors is the creator of a novel category of efficient 3D perception solutions for merging the physical with the digitally augmented and virtual world. Its proprietary and patented switching pixel technology achieves unprecedented low power consumption, latency and computational complexity. Switching Pixels is a game changer that unlocks the true potential of fully immersive consumer electronics and AR/VR/MR wearable experiences for enterprise and various other industries. Visit https://www.voxelsensors.com for more information

About OQmented

OQmented is a deep tech company that develops and sells ultra-compact LBS displays for augmented reality devices and best-in-class 3D sensor solutions for mobile and stationary applications. The unique Lissajous scan pattern combined with vacuum encapsulation technology and proprietary electronics and software enable new product categories in the consumer goods and various other industries. With rich MEMS production experience, OQmented effectively develops for mass production. Visit www.oqmented.com for more information

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