Wallet loyalty card optimizations, more

Among other things, the Google system updates for March 2023 give you more control over the loyalty/reward cards in your Google Wallet.

Android alone is an excellent platform for everything from phones and watches to televisions and car infotainment systems. But what really makes Android devices shine is Google’s ever-improving suite of apps and services, particularly the Play Store and Google Play Services. Additionally, Android now offers monthly “Play System Updates” that bring new features and keep users’ devices secure without requiring a full system update.

Each month, Google summarizes everything that has changed with each update of the Play services, the Play Store and the Play system updates – collectively referred to as the “Google system” – and shares the patch notes with new details that are released throughout the month arrive. In particular, these patch notes often contain references to features that have not yet been released, although it’s always a good idea to keep your devices up to date.

The easiest way to check if you need to update Google Play services on your phone is to follow a direct link to the app’s Play Store listing and update from there if available. To update the Play Store, tap your avatar in the corner, then tap Settings. Under the “About” section, you will see an “Update Play Store” option. In the meantime, you can find Google Play system updates from the Settings app under About phone > Android version > Google Play system update.

The first batch of March 2023 patch notes is pretty flimsy, containing just two tidbits. The more notable of these is a change in how Google Wallet handles loyalty/reward cards. In today’s app, you can choose to have Wallet automatically import any loyalty cards that appear in your Gmail inbox.

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Previously, the only way to remove this type of card from Wallet was to delete the original email from Gmail. As of version 23.08 of Google Play Services, you should soon be able to manually remove all unwanted loyalty cards from Wallet without having to delete an email.

Update 3/8: While Pixel phones are still awaiting the March 2023 security patch, this month’s Google system updates are rolling ahead. The latest patch notes mention a new set of animations to appear when making a payment with Google Wallet. These were announced late last month, with Google showing an example featuring two penguins sharing fish.

Meanwhile, a new change for the Play Store makes it easier to install new apps on your other devices. During installation, you should be able to choose whether you want to also install an app on connected devices such as a Wear OS watch, Chromebook or Android tablet. These changes should arrive in the near future and will require an update to version 34.8 of the Play Store.

Google Play System Updates for March 2023 New features in the Google Play Store to help you discover your favorite apps and games. Optimizations that allow faster and more reliable download and installation. Continuous improvements to Play Protect to protect your device. Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements related to security, stability, and accessibility.

[Phone] Users have the ability to automatically make apps they install on phones and tablets available on other connected Android devices like Watch, TV, and Chromebooks. wallet

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[Phone] Wallet users can selectively exclude loyalty cards imported from Gmail.
[Phone] New animations that appear after a successful tap and pay transaction with Google Wallet. system management

[Auto] [TV] [Phone] [Wear OS] [PC] Updates to systems management and usability services that improve battery life, device storage, and network usage.
[Auto] [TV] [Phone] [Wear OS] [PC] Updates to system management services that improve stability.

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