Warzone 2 players are slamming developers for taking a “significant step backwards” with updates

Ryan Lemay

❘ Published: 2023-03-03T22:08:35

❘ Updated: 2023-03-03T22:08:46

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Towards the end of Warzone 1, patch notes gave players detailed weapon updates with explanations and exact numbers. Community members are asking for the same level of clarity for WZ2.

On February 24th, a Warzone 2 balancing update finally toned down some of the battle royale’s most dominant weapons. The RPK, TAQ-V, Fennec 45 and Kastov 762 have all been hammered based on community feedback. Fans celebrated a quick response from developers as the update came just a week after Season 2’s weapon balance update.

WZ2 players previously criticized the developers for not making significant weapon balancing updates between Season 1 Reloaded and Season 2. Despite the better response time, some community members still felt let down by the Battle Royale sequel patch notes.

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YouTuber WhosImmortal explained why the WZ1 development team did a better job of explaining weapon updates to fans.

Warzone 2 players hit ‘rough’ patch notes ActivisionWarzone 2 players have called out the developers over unclear weapon updates.

WhosImmortal ranted at length about Warzone 2’s handling of patch notes.

“So far it seems like we took a decent step back at the start of the year in terms of overall developer communication and transparency, particularly when it comes to the weapon update patch notes.”

WhosImmortal argued that weapon balancing is essential to a successful FPS title.

The YouTuber posted an example of a weapon balance update. For the RPK nerf, the developers increased the bullet’s initial vertical recoil and horizontal recoil and reduced the damage range, but didn’t provide exact values.

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A lack of clarity in updates has forced WZ2 experts like TrueGameData to test weapons or manually datamine accurate weapon stats.

WhosImmortal argued that because they provided accurate figures for AI damage in a previous update, developers could give players more information. He credited Raven Software for providing “the best patch notes ever” towards the end of WZ1, telling players exact weapon changes.

For example, a Warzone 1 update reduced the UGM-8’s minimum damage from 22 to 21.

“We lack precise values, we now have several different damage types and they are not completely accurate either. I really hope it gets resolved quickly because it’s a very important aspect of the game.”

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At the moment, players have to rely on stats websites for accurate weapon details in Warzone 2.