Web3 fashion giants come together to host Global Metaverse Fashion event


The Metaverse Events Company RLTY has teamed up with Metaverse fashion giants The manufacturer and world of women (WoW) to host a global Metaverse fashion event in Decentraland from September 20-22.

The Fabricant is a digital fashion company focused on bringing a fashion sense to the Metaverse. On the other hand, WoW is a global fashion NFT collection created through the contribution of thousands of developers.

The event

The main goal of the event is to attract women and fashion to the Metaverse. The three-day event will take place at a specially designed location in Decentraland called “Synth Ave”. The area is designed by RLTY and inspired by the famous New York Fashion Street.

Designers from WoW and The Fabricant will spread throughout the event area to host pop-up shows and offer collectibles. Lucky participants will also meet one of the secret POAP donors to collect NFTs.

The WoW and Fabricant came together to present a digital fashion collection consisting of 27 pieces to kick off the event. The 27 pieces are part of a 1000 piece collection that will be released later. Participants can purchase one of these 27 parts from OpenSea or during the event with MANA.

The first day of the event and the educational panel discussion, which will take place on September 21st, will also be streamed live so that a wider audience can participate.

metaverse and fashion

Many Metaverse projects have been launched throughout 2022, including virtual McDonald’s stores and digital weed on a platform that users cannot eat, drink or smoke.

According to a recent study, awareness of Metaverse has more than doubled since the beginning of the year. In other words, more people are aware of the Metaverse and its scope. Most study participants (82%) categorized it as a place to socialize, while 70% said it was a place to shop.

When it comes to the trends emerging with the metaverse, augmented reality tops the top five areas. Metaverse events come fourth from the top, indicating increasing hype around metaverse events.

Fashion events are among the most popular events in this category. Many fashion giants including Nike and Zara have entered the Metaverse by releasing their digital collections and showcasing them in the Metaverse.

RLTY, WoW and The Fabricant’s Metaverse Global Fashion Event will be Decentraland’s second fashion event. Decentraland hosted the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week in March this year. The festival hosted many high-end fashion brands including Dolce&Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger, Cavalli and Paco Rabanne.

The Fabricant was an active participant in this event, along with Auroboros and DressX, who also focus on Metaverse fashion.