Wendy Williams fans are even more concerned after the former talk show host appeared on NYFW

Wendy Williams was recently spotted in New York for New York Fashion Week 2023. A video of the American media personality and former talk show was captured on Instagram by record label @Shaoliiin.ent.

In her shot, Williams can be seen rocking an oversized pink fur coat over a black tracksuit and black baseball cap.

Wendy Williams. (Photo: @thewendyexperience/Instagram.)

Williams was accompanied by her bodyguard, who held her hand, lifted her coat and made sure she made it safely to the designated building.

It was recently reported by RadarOnline that Williams has lived a very “secluded” life since being released from rehab in October 2022. Apparently, all of the actress’ friends have “abandoned” her, and the only company she has is salaried employees.

As the presenter walks past a crowd of fans and paparazzi, viewers can hear a series of praises from people behind the camera.

Just as the 58-year-old reaches her destination, viewers can hear a refrain of “Yasss, Wendy” from two people, followed by a mimicry of Williams’ iconic line “how ya’ doin’?”.

The Neighborhood Talk reposted the video to their Instagram page, where fans expressed concern for Williams’ health despite her public appearance outside.

“She looks…I miss her, hope she’s better”

“Looks like mental deterioration. She doesn’t seem to be herself. I hope she is well taken care of.”

Many fans even brought up Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, and the recent ruling by a New Jersey judge, who denied his emergency request to reinstate Williams’ child support payments.

“This video just called her ex-husband broke.”

“Ohh I know Kevin is crazy somewhere, that she has money to be in the fashion industry…”

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In early February, Hunter petitioned a judge for an emergency subpoena to get Williams to resume monthly child support payments, which she stopped the previous February. Court documents obtained by The US Sun Hunter showed he defaulted on bills because his alimony payments stalled.

“In his filing, Kevin told the court that his livelihood depended on the payments stipulated in their marriage contract,” the publication wrote.

According to Hunter, he has been behind on car insurance and credit card payments since Williams’ child support payments were suspended. The TV producer also claimed he needed hip replacement surgery, a procedure he can’t afford because he doesn’t have health insurance.

So you’re telling me that Wendy Williams’ ex-husband is living off the alimony she gave him and didn’t work? Now he’s talking about not being able to pay his bills. Nigga, you and that concubine gotta get a job

— Will Smith hit me (@AshleyShyMiller) February 7, 2023

The judge declined to issue the reinstatement order, instead ruling that Hunter and Williams must go to arbitration to try to resolve the matter. If the two sides cannot agree in this process, Hunter can pursue the alimony application again in court.