Wendy’s Menu Adds a Bold New Take on a Classic Item

Wendy’s (WHOM) has slowly grown to become the second largest hamburger chain behind McDonald’s (MCD) . The chain has passed that of Restaurant Brands International (QSR) Burger King for second place in the United States by following a fairly simple formula.

Using fresh, never-frozen beef sounds like a gimmick, but it makes Wendy’s operations more difficult compared to its two major competitors. Frozen burger patties almost never end up in the trash, while fresh ones have to be used up fairly quickly.

Basically, Wendy’s made quality fresh food its destination cars long before Chipotle even existed. In addition to this model, the chain has also used clever menu innovations to build market share. A strategy that has led to the great success of the Baconator, which started as a burger variant and has now developed into a platform.