Westford University College: Creating a Community of Learners and Leaders

Westford University College is an award-winning transnational educational institute that has been delivering quality programs for over a decade. Westford has an international reputation for excellence with over 10,000 students from over 130 nationalities making it one of the most diverse colleges in the region. We pride ourselves on offering a lifetime experience to our global community of learners.

Our goal is to aspire to, innovate and master the foundations of education, carving our niche in a variety of disciplines through constant research, experiential learning and impactful teaching. Westford offers programs ranging from Level 3 Foundation Diploma, HND, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate to certified professional courses.

Westford’s programs are competitively priced, making education affordable and accessible to students of all levels.

In addition to a flawless academic experience, Westford offers its students large, state-of-the-art campus facilities to support their professional and intellectual development. Westford’s infrastructure includes two campuses in Sharjah – Al Taawun and Al Zahia. In addition, the campus has a fashion studio, indoor soccer and cricket nets, a computer lab, two lecture halls and two recreation rooms. These campuses can accommodate up to 900 students.

Westford firmly believes that collaborations and partnerships are an institution’s strength and as such has over the years built resilient partnerships with some of the finest education providers around the world.

It has developed an integrated alliance with over 10 universities and educational institutions including:

• Liverpool John Moore’s University (LJMU) is ranked among the top 50 universities in the UK

• University of Canterbury Christ Church (CCCU), United Kingdom

• Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

• University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

• University of Abertay, United Kingdom

• Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain

• Chartered Management Institute (CMI), United Kingdom

• Cambridge International Qualification (CIQ), United Kingdom

Higher education with Westford

Over the years, Westford has grown into an institution where students can dare to dream of pursuing any career path they wish to pursue. Opening up industries such as media, communications and culture, arts and fashion, computers and sports, as well as business, human resources and psychology, analytics, finance and marketing. Freshmen can enroll with us in Foundation or higher national diploma programs that serve as a pathway to a bachelor’s degree.

Due to our unique partnerships with UK-based universities, students also have the opportunity to complete their final year of Bachelor’s degree in the UK for selected degrees.

Taking professionals to the next level

Westford offers several specializations through its MBA programs, including Healthcare Management, Engineering Management, Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics, International Business, Information Technology, Human and Organizational Psychology, Financial Management, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, and Quality Management. New additions to its MBA specialization portfolio include – Data Analysis, Business Management, Marketing Intelligence, Cyber ​​Governance, Digital Transformation; and applied entrepreneurship. Westford also offers a unique, internationally recognized and accredited European Doctorate in Business Administration with over 60 areas of specialization in association with UCAM, Spain.

Students who graduate from Westford receive additional certifications in career development, enterprise readiness, research skills, applied know-how, entrepreneurial skills and more. Every initiative Westford takes is carefully designed to prepare students for the future. Westford believes in honing the skills of his students and helping them meet challenges that pose themselves in their way of learning, in the same spirit that Westford has given Dh5 millions in scholarships.

Westford University Online

Westford Uni Online, Westford’s online division, promotes the concept of studying anytime, anywhere with a healthy work-life study balance. Its vision is to make quality education affordable for aspirants around the world. It is a synchronous learning platform that offers blended programs to make learning efficient, engaging, and enriching. The pedagogical approach includes a combination of live, online, interactive sessions and a self-learning approach via pre-recorded classes, supported by our exceptional faculty and administrative staff.

Westford Uni Online offers undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma certification programs through its partnerships and collaborations with international education providers in the UK and Europe. These programs ensure students become dynamic professionals and thrive in the evolving corporate world.

Westford for Business – the latest addition to the Westford offering

Today’s business world is rapidly changing and constantly expanding with exciting new trends and opportunities. The foundation of corporate governance remains the application of sound and ethical business principles. Westford for Business provides business consulting, training and people development services. Our goal is to transform the current workforce into future leaders through the following programs:

• Executive Education for Leaders: Create programs that address the strategic needs of the organization and strengthen organizational talent. An MBA can be earned by completing the Management Development Program (MDP), which consists of stackable credits leading to an MBA.

• Corporate Training: To improve employee skills, knowledge and behaviors for better business performance, we offer customized and off-the-shelf programs to help companies design and implement learning and development strategies and evaluate their effectiveness.

• Business Consulting: Westford positions itself as a provider of business consulting services to companies to help companies improve business performance and accelerate business development. We offer consultants and trainers who have specialized in specific company problems.