WF attorney comes out of jail on bail and faces felony charges

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Dean Colin Godfrey, 34, has been released from prison for the third time on allegations of stalking.

Godfrey was originally banned for a third time on May 21 for new charges.

The latest charge is a third-degree felony for violating the terms of his bail after he distributed leaflets in downtown Wichita Falls purporting to be messages between himself and the victim.

Investigators were alerted to photo flyers depicting the victim that had been posted on the side of buildings by a reporter at Bohn and Bohn Associates. Various flyers were spotted, including email threads, Snapchat threads, and other messaging platforms, according to court documents.

Many of the fliers contained information about a previous incident, for example a flier with a photo of the victim climbing a fence and coming out of a door with the statement “Who is chasing whom?” printed on the flier.

Another type of flyer listed in the affidavit appeared to be an email thread sent to Godfrey by the victim and read, “‘VICTIM’ RESISTING HER OWN PROTECTIVE ORDER…WHY?” Because she doesn’t actually want it .” The rapporteur told investigators that the email thread may have been fake because Godfrey denied the victim access to his email.

According to court documents, officials believe Godfrey released those leaflets and said that no one but Godfrey would have access to the information on the leaflets. Investigators determined that Godfrey’s ankle monitor had been altered and it was not possible to trace him at the time.

The affidavit described how Godfrey’s ankle monitor was altered due to a battery charging failure, temporarily disabling the GPS signal. The Wichita County Board of Supervisors and Corrections has made multiple attempts to contact Godfrey about the fee issue with no response.

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Since Godfrey’s arrest on May 21, investigators have been listening to Godfrey’s prison calls. The court document said that in a conversation with his mother, Godfrey complained that he was charged because his ankle monitor didn’t charge. His mother explained, “You’ve made more bad decisions,” to which Godfrey replied, “I didn’t take that into account [censored] thing, that’s it!”

According to the affidavit, Godfrey’s mother then said, “That’s not what I’m talking about.” Investigators said Godfrey’s mother was referring to the leaflets that were being distributed around town. Godfrey responded to his mother during the phone call from the Wichita County Jail, saying, “I’m actually pretty excited about this, I mean she had to be smeared HAHA!”

The affidavit said Godfrey also stated, “There’s 5,000 of these things, they’re everywhere, HAHAHA!” Police said Godfrey then said, “You’re going to find them for weeks.” during the phone call.

Godfrey is scheduled to appear in the 89th Circuit Court on Thursday, May 25 for a motion hearing by Judge Charles Barnard.

He is charged with two felony counts of repeated violations of certain court orders or terms of engagement and stalking, and one misdemeanor count of trespassing.

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