What is Android Auto Coolwalk, and How to get it?

Google announced its new user interface called Coolwalk for the Android Auto app at its I/O event in May 2021. Android Auto is an application developed by Google to mirror some functions of Android apps on the car’s display. Once the device is paired with Android Auto, you can use the compatible applications on the vehicle’s display on the go without using your smartphone.

Android Auto offers features like sending or receiving messages, navigating Google Maps, listening to your favorite music streaming app and more while driving without interrupting your daily work. Android Auto’s interface is simple and easy to use. It’s your car assistant or companion that gets the job done smartly and intelligently by taking the help of Google Assistant.

What is the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto?

The company announced the new Coolwalk user interface in May at the Google I/O event. But since then, the company has remained silent about releasing the UI. This article explains the new Coolwalk UI and how to get it on your device. Be sure to read the article to the end.

The new Coolwalk user interface for Android Auto was officially presented back in 2021. The most anticipated Coolwalk UI could reportedly be released in January. However, we won’t be surprised if the company releases the new UI at its upcoming I/O event in 2023. Speaking of the version, the Coolwalk UI comes with v8.5.6245.

The new UI features the complete change and redesign of the previously available UI. It offers several new and revised features that make the multitasking experience even better. The user interface is more refined, stable, polished, simpler, cleaner and smoother than the previous version. The new user interface is inspired by Apple’s CarPlay dashboard and allows Android users to experience a similar feature in Android Auto.

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What are the features of the Coolwalk UI?

  • You can run multiple applications on the car’s display at the same time.
  • Google Maps is now more prominent and comprehensive, making driving comfortable and without strain on the eyes.
  • The media map has also been completely redesigned, which expands and contracts depending on the usage scenario.
  • An added benefit with Google Assistant: You can get recommendations and suggestions for music and other streaming apps with a swipe.
  • At the bottom of the display is the new app dock, which switches between the most recently used applications with a tap of a finger.
  • Like Android, the Coolback UI also offers Material You elements to improve the look of the car display.

coolwalk 2

How do I get the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto?

The company is making the new interface available to public testers, allowing them to try out the latest version’s features before anyone else. If you are also excited to try out the new interface, read the given methods to experience the same.

At the moment the Coolwalk UI is a beta feature, a pre-release and not an official release. To experience the finished software UI, you’ll have to wait for Google to release a stable update build. And not much to say, beta versions are always prone to bugs and glitches, making the device stuttering and unstable, and some features may not work as you would like.

Knowing this, you can join beta programs to experience the new Coolwalk UI. It would be helpful if you enroll in the Android Auto Beta program by clicking here. You may not be able to sign up for the beta programs because consumers are too excited to test the new Coolwalk UI. But it would be best if you keep trying because you can get a place for registering in the beta program for the new version.

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You can also download the Android Auto public beta APK installers, but we cannot assure you that the app will work.

When will the stable release of Coolwalk UI for Android Auto be available?

  • The company plans to officially release the new Coolwalk UI for Android Auto in 2023.

If you want to know if your device supports Coolwalk UI or Android Auto app or not, be sure to read the following:

The regular Android Auto app requires a smartphone with Android 6.0 or higher and an active data connection. On the contrary, the new Coolwalk user interface requires a smartphone with Android 8.0 or higher and an active data connection. Contact your car manufacturer or check your owner’s manual to determine if your car display is compatible with the screening. A high-quality USB cable connects your device to the car’s display.

You should follow the steps above if you are waiting to experience the new Android Auto Coolwalk UI. You can also tell us your experience after using the new interface in the comments section below.